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True love quotes to make you believe in the power of love

True love quotes to show the magic that love can do. Love is a blessing that can transform life into a garden of flowers. It changes the way we see life. It inculcates maturity in us silently keeping childhood and its innocence alive and fresh. You fall in love and you will yourself experience the joy of giving, pleasure in sacrifice, and caring without any limitations.

Being in love comprises of selfless feeling. You ought to be in love without any expectations from the other person. True love is not a matter of having butterflies in your stomach. We come to know that we should love with whole our heart. Love means dealing with all stressful and depressing parts of life with your person. It's about staying together in all aspects of life, may it be good or bad.

True love is a major missing in this generation. Everyone benefits from their relationships. In today's world, we rarely find true love. Beautiful true love quotes tell us to promote selfless love. If we are in true love, we are to find happiness in the happiness of the ones we love. We should learn to shower love and care without expecting anything in return.

Love is the only emotion that can melt the hearts and remove differences and disputes. It nurtures peace, humanity, and brotherhood. Love has no horizons. It touches every heart and every soul. Love silently teaches the art of forgiveness and patience.

True love quotes show your heart feelings for your loved one

  • There are so many reasons to move on, but I stayed back due to one and that is Love.
  • It is the magic of true love I started loving my life.
  • Nothing can complete me more than true love.
  • Love gives you the reason to lose yourself.
  • True love teaches you much more than love. It tells you the real meaning of sacrifice, care, faith, and understanding.
  • To feel love be courageous enough to lose yourself.
  • Love is the only emotion which occupies heart and brain both.
  • True love is a matter of soul, experienced by heart and lived by eyes.

True love quotes to make you believe in love

  • True Love gives you the power of facing the turmoils life throw on to you.
  • True love is believing in his strength more than you fear your weaknesses.
  • It was true love which pushed me into the novel situations and pulled me away from aversive ones.
  • True love has no age it can happen even in the sixties. Don't block the ways to it. Let the path be wide open.
  • To experience that tantalizing feel of love allow it to happen once.
  • True love is that silence which can be loud enough for two lovers to listen to each other.

True love quotes uniquely framed to suit your need and purpose

  • True love leaves no space for doubts and weaknesses. It fills you with energy and faith.
  • True love overwhelms the heart with happiness and joys.
  • True love helps you to find that side of yours which even you never knew existed.
  • Looking for a reason to smile, look for true love you will get reasons to spread smiles and happiness.
  • True love teaches you to live for others.
  • True love is when you value the happiness of others more than your smiles.
  • True love ignites the fire of doing something for others which take away the coldness from their lives.

True love quotes to change the way you look at life

  • Life waits for none, but true love does.
  • Dried leaves in my diary are the most valued gifts as they symbolize true love I felt, experienced and lived.
  • True love never leaves you. It stays there within you, quietly making your way through life.
  • True love gives you the inbuilt strength to move on in life.
  • True love shines like the moon piercing through the dark clouds to light your path.
  • True love teaches you the value of those small gifts. They enclose Love.
  • True love is like hues of sunrise and sunset reflecting all shades of life, yet being most beautiful.

True love quotes to restore the lovely moments you spent together

  • True love refreshes your energies and prepares you for the next challenge.
  • True love adds the sense of humour in your task keeping the child alive in you.
  • True love is like an ocean vast, wide and deep, abode of life.
  • Finding true love was the biggest dream of life which turned out to be real and beautiful.
  • True love is the real companion that walks along through life.
  • True love has the patience to wait for the lifetime.
  • True love has the power of healing all the wounds.
  • True love is not about finding mistakes in each other. It is about accepting each other's faults.

True love quotes to tell him the difference he has made in your life

  • True love never asks for explanations and justifications. It just accepts what you say.
  • True love leaves that constant smile on lips even when life is overcast by shades of darkness.
  • The spark that glitters in me is the reflection of true love I found in life.
  • True love never fades away. It just remains forever and ever.
  • No matter how tired I am, It is the embrace of true love that keeps me fresh and revived.
  • Nothing stays forever except true love. It has no end. It lasts till eternity.
  • To experience true love, the heart of one should be pure and pious.

True love quotes narrating the small stories of love

  • True love brightens the dark path of life.
  • True love can be the strongest motivator and supporter.
  • True love smoothen the rough path all along life.
  • True love is like magic turning everything around beautiful and charming.
  • True love has no space for restrictions and boundaries.
  • Wings of true love give flight to the freedom.
  • True love is that supporting hand on your shoulder which says keep moving. I am there right at your side.
  • True love gives you the wings to make your life and live it your way.
  • True love is the only medicine which sweetly takes away pain from all your wounds.

Love status to show the love you bestow for him in your heart

  • True love is the only reason that makes all seasons enjoyable.
  • The lost smile that slowly rests on the lips after looking at that picture is true love.
  • The silence with which he adores you is true love.
  • It is true love that makes people wonder the reason for everlasting smiles on your lips.
  • True love slowly culminates into your heart, mind body and soul.
  • True love is the silence between two souls that is understood by the heart.
  • True love has no demands but only dreams to see your partner happy and healthy.
  • True love ensures your security and safety.

Love status to express the real love you have for him

  • True love does not restrict you. You choose to be with him all the time every moment.
  • True love has no formalities. It makes you relaxed and comfortable.
  • True love is not about finding faults. It is about ignoring them.
  • True love is about hiding your sacrifices to see that lovely smile on her face.
  • True love never gives you the reason to lie as it readily accepts your truth.
  • True love teaches you to be strong when circumstances are tearing you apart.
  • True love will look for a reason to make you smile when you look at him with water-filled eyes.

Love status enlightens your love life

  • True love values your tears as much as your smiles.
  • It is the warm embrace of true love that takes away the coldness from my heart and life.
  • True Love never fears anything more than the sadness of person he loves the most.
  • True Love understands the pain behind silent tears.
  • True love walks along when others step out.
  • True Love awaits no response from the other side. It just happens, and then it stays there forever.
  • True Love may have a long story or small moment of origin, but it is everlasting.
  • True Love has no complaints and compromises. Everything is a matter of choice.

True love quotes revealing the power of love

  • True Love longs for nothing more than her sight and air filled with her fragrance.
  • True Love value the moments spend together and can wait for years long for those moments to re-lived.
  • True Love understands the beauty of nature and attempts to maintain it.
  • True love is like sun lighting your day though sometimes clouds of darkness fade away its brightness.
  • True love has its own story which no one knows.
  • True love grows silently in the heart. It makes no noise unless disturbed.
  • True love is when you show her something more than respect and feel for her more than a friend.

Love status to show the real expressions for the first time love

  • True love leaves an everlasting impact on the other person.
  • True Love may not have two people involved. It may be one-sided yet making the person complete and beautiful.
  • True love is that one person which means the whole world to you.
  • True love is like the air, essential for living and beautiful to feel.
  • True love is loving your memories when you are away and creating them when we are together.
  • True love teaches you the art of loving everyone that fall in your way with all their faults and weaknesses.
  • True love makes you accept the situations which once you wanted to avoid.

True love quotes create magic moments when love enters your life

  • True love allows your heart to rule your world in your style and your way.
  • True love can smell your fragrance before it can see you.
  • True love changes your perception. It cleans the dust from the mirror of eyes making things clear.
  • True love helps you to spread the actual message of festivals. Celebrate the feeling with which God created us all Oneness, Unity, and Peace.
  • True love is like the heartbeat constantly beating to keep you alive. It stops life ends.
  • True love is light like a balloon taking you high up in the sky.
  • True love is innocent like the smile of the child.

Love status helps to express your emotions when you fall in love

  • True love values the innocence of a child thus never let it die. It keeps it alive in you through trust, care, and love.
  • True love creates a way of trust in your heart peacefully. It enters in you without any knock.
  • True love is walking along through all turns of life.
  • The only way to accept life way it comes and attain victory at all odds, it throws on you is to have Truelove as your companion in this battle.
  • The shine of the moon will always lighten the darkness of nights so is the spark of true love glowing through all shades of life.

Love status to change the outlook towards life and turns it takes

  • The reason I can smile over all trifles I encounter in my life is the strength of true love I have in my life.
  • True love gives you warmth when it is cold outside. It becomes a cool breeze in scorching heat. It is a flower which blooms in monsoon and patiently awaits spring when autumn sets in.
  • True love makes me believe in magic and miracles.
  • True love has magical powers to make everything turn out beautiful, lovely and peaceful.
  • True love changed the way I believed and prayed to God. It has given me the blessing of accepting rather than asking.

Love status to make you believe magic does happen

  • True love makes life beautiful and death acceptable.
  • True love is vast ocean once you dive into it then you can find the pearls of happiness, laughter, forgiveness, and sacrifice.
  • It is after I experienced the true love I could feel the epic love stories we listen to all over the world.
  • With time everything changes Truelove still demand the same sacrifices, long waits, and firm belief which made it survive through all ages.
  • True love brought me so far that I could see no beginning and I know it has no end.
  • True love makes life beautiful and death acceptable.

Love status making you realize how good you feel

  • True love makes you do silly things as you like the way he corrects them for you.
  • True love is not a journey of a lifetime. It is the journey of many births and deaths.
  • True love will not find reasons for your laughter. It is the reason itself for all those loud laughter and uncountable serene smiles
  • True love does not change you. It transforms you without making you realize it.
  • True love is absent in the life of people who do not respect humanity. To bring them back nurture their hearts with true love.
  • True love is growing grey together.

Love status inspiring you to enter her in your heart

  • True love is when you want garland of his arms around your neck than the necklace of diamonds.
  • True love rarely needs words. It is flourishes best in silence, with silence.
  • True love is when you are on death bed yet you smile and say dying by your side is as beautiful as was living life with you.
  • True love is like a rainbow formed by the collective efforts of the sun and rain.
  • True love is like dew drops found at the edges of life and making it beautiful to live.
  • True love becomes stronger and makes you strong with time.

Love status to make you believe in all the love stories

  • True Love is the only medicine which has no expiry date and no side defects if taken an overdose.
  • True love can be felt, lived and valued when you lose yourself.
  • True love is the strong bond that few lucky people share from childhood to eternity.
  • True love is loving your white hair in the same manner as your black hair tied me in the bond of everlasting love.
  • True love silently controls the turmoil within you and helps you to regain the peace and calmness.
  • True love speaks less and listens more to your stories.
  • True Love is a ray of hope at times of worries.

Final Thoughts:

True love quotes to relate to every moment you have been experiencing while in love. These quotes cater to all the varied situations wherein our love stand by our side and support us in the best possible way. You can feel them in your heart to stay together always. You will automatically get to know about you being the right person. You are made to love.

Every quote will take you in the times when his love was not only the reason for your smiles, but it brought tears in your eyes. These quotes will help you to express your feelings to him. It's hard to explain true love in words. Undoubtedly, there a plenty full of beautiful words meant for this purpose. People send quotes about true love. These kind of quotes are helpful to make others realize their importance in our life.

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