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(what information we take from our user, why we take the information and what we do with the gathered information)

  • Purpose:- the information collected from the visitor is to be used only to provide a better user experience in future.
  • Cookies: This website does use cookies to track the user’s actions over the website pages to know about which content is more liked or more preferred by the user. Also, cookies are used to track the IP Address of the user to ensure better and more relevant content with every visit and to stop repeating of similar advertisements too many times as well.
  • Third party application and cookies: Further information collected includes the user’s name, email id, hardware and software that the user is using and the IP address to keep count of unique website visitors. Others services which allow access to the website is used to gather information about individual searches along with aggregate search information about the website. All of this along with pages visited or content searched for within the website, is used to make a better user experience and a better user interface.
  • Email (Subscribe and Unsubscribe): The user or visitor may be asked for the location information or the email address which is used to make a better user experience as well as providing information regarding our product and services, existing or new. Depending upon the preferences of user tracked by the cookies we may send you emails regarding updates in the particular or related content.
  • In case the user does not want to be sent promotional and other informational emails, the user can use the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the website page. This will not stop the user from visiting or using any information that is available over the website.
  • Robotic Data Collection: The information collected from the user may be used by our customer service agents, market affiliates and trusted partners for the purpose of marketing. Any untrusted or non-partner agency does not have any access to the user information on this website. To avoid any breach of privacy of the user any sensitive information such as phone number etcetera of the user is often not shared.
  • Use of banners/ external links: In case the user is interested in any external link provided on the website or any banner advertisements showing on the website, this website has the tie-up with such companies. In this case, if the user shows interest and clicks, this website has reserved the right to collect the information regarding IP address, email, domain and information on clickstream.
  • Software/app/script:: analytical tools and technologies developed by third parties such as google analytics and DoubleClick are used by this website in order to obtain non-personal information of the user.
  • Security/ Safety: the website is safe and secure to access and possess SSL certificate and is running on https.
  • GDRP: all the policies related to the website have been cleared here. In case of any further inquiry, please write an email.

In case of any inquiry or you wish to not to share any information,

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