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Privacy Policy of bestinfohub.com is an attempt to preserve the privacy of the users visiting the site for using the quotes and other information purely for purposes which cause no botheration to anyone. The privacy policy helps in maintaining the transparency which highlights the operational structure of the website. It helps in winning the trust and faith of the users which is most important for any service provider. Through this policy, the user gets an insight into the functionality of the website which aims to serve you with the quotes and lines that touch your heart and soul.

Information we collect:

The information that we collect about the users visiting our website include names, email id, and IP address. Mentioning the details of record of users we keep help us in maintaining the transparency and winning the faith of the users. Purpose of collecting such information is to know the interest and choices of the user and add all the content on to the website which makes it more and more close to the heart of users.

Use of collected information:

Our website collects information from the user when he visits it. Collected information for us is raw data which help us in maintaining the interactive sessions with the users. It facilitates the communication process wherein we update you and send you notifications about the new editions and additions we have made in our website to fetch more likes and users.

The collected information is looked as well worked upon like aggregate data. It is when a user request for specific services we make use of personal information to communicate with the user. Information in no way is made use for commercial gains and profits. In specific matters, if it becomes mandatory to share personal details of the user we first fulfill the essentiality of intimating the user for doing so.

Third Party Advertising and Cookies:

The website does have tie-ups with the third party and external links using cookies for advertising. Bestinfohub makes use of technical procedures and operations to find the third-party sites having content matching the taste of the users. It allows the third party to target the individual users and promote the product and commodities of their choice and preferences.

The website makes use of Google AdSense which judiciously adjust the third party adds on the homepage of BestInfoHub. It is a service by Google which helps in adding the advertisements to the website as per the taste of the users visiting the site. It adjusts the ads on the website relevant to the interest and needs of users about which they come to know after generating profiles of the users from the information that users use at the time of visiting a website. It helps the users to get an idea about many new products which are of their use and preference.

Tracking and Cookies information:

Cookies which are small files on the hard disk of computer help in tracking the information about the computer and the user such as IP address and browser that user make access to for exploring the world through the internet. Details collected help in getting the knowledge about the taste and interests of the users increasing the accessibility of the user to the website and adding content to the website that interests visitors frequently visiting the site. Information is like raw data which is analyzed for no other reason than to update the website according to the taste of the users.

BestInfoHub makes use of Google analytics which for analyzing the flow of traffic on the website involves the use of information of the users like age, gender, and interests. The Google analytics tool makes use of tracking codes to get the information and use it for selecting the advertisements to be put onto the website. Double click cookie records the data of the user visiting the site, and it further helps in selecting advertisements for websites.

Links from other websites:

Bestinfohub is a website which has a web of networks with other sites. It is done to maintain the flow of information and increase the responsiveness of sites. The website assures the confidentiality of the personal information from their side, but it bears no responsibility for other websites and links. We advise our users to read the privacy policy of different sites they make visits to fulfill their needs of shopping, knowledge and other miscellaneous functions.

Protection of Information:

The details of the user that automatically get stored while one surf through our websites is kept confidential and secret in every way and manner using tools and techniques designed for maintaining the privacy of the user. The protection of information which reveals the identity of the user is the first responsibility of the website, and it fulfills it with utmost care and attention.

Notification of Changes:

We are at a constant move to serve our users with information that suits their demand and needs. Many times we introduce the changes to our website to make it more user-friendly and appealing therefore we keep on adding new features to it. We send regular updates to the users intimating them about the changes and new additions we have made in the website to make it closer to your heart. We can change the privacy policy from time to time. All the queries and doubts if any about the privacy policy of the website the users are free to email us at bestinfohub@gmail.com

Contact Information:

The communication we maintain with our users is through a email id. You can contact us through email id bestinfohub@gmail.com.