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Places to visit in Manali

One of the best destinations for any honeymoon couple is certainly Manali and also is one of the best tourist destinations in India catering to different people & age groups. The place is filled with wonderful serene valleys and towering pine trees are perfect ways for having a tete-a-tete with mother nature offering a perfect relaxation for peaceful souls. Although all the tourist looking for some adrenaline rush doesn’t need to disappoint at all. You can avail a vast array of sports, and activities are available catering to various groups of sports enthusiasts. Enjoy the cold climate and pristine natural scenery with the unpolluted atmosphere here make it the most ideal place for romantic couples to celebrate their honeymoon.

While looking for the various Places to visit in Manali, it is recommendable to search for the best, most economically priced tour packages for Manali before going on a trip. Before you start checking with your local travel agent, read this article to find the best offers and discount schemes.


  • The city Manali got its name from the lawgiver Manu. The name Manu-Alaya meaning the residence of Manu got changed to Manali is the course of time. According to legends, sage Manu descended on Manali and recreated Human Life after the great floods which destroyed the world. Some also say that there is a temple which is dedicated to the sage in Old Manali.
  • This place is actually a collection of three adjacent hills. Every mountain has a village and a temple: Old Manali Village (Manu Temple), Vashisht (Vashishtha Temple) and Dhungri (Hadimba Temple).


BY ROAD: There is also the option to take the road to visit Manali. You can hire private cars or cabs. You can take the bus route including luxury coaches are available to Manali from New Delhi and from Chandigarh.

BY TRAIN: Although there is no nearest rail route to Manali, you can drop at nearby stations like Una, Kalka and Chandigarh, then reach Manali by road. If you wish to go by narrow gauge train, Joginder Nagar is the station which comes under the Kangra Valley Railway. From Joginder Nagar, you can reach Manali by road.

BY AIR: You can visit the place with ease since Manali is well connected to the rest of the world by Air. Also, you can avail the Kullu-Manali airport which operates Air India planes from New Delhi.


Below are some of the Best Places to visit in Manali that should be included in ideal tour packages for Manali:

Hadimba Temple

The 400-year-old temple belonging to Hadimba is another of the magnificent places to visit in Manali. Hadimba is actually the wife of legendary Mahabharat superhero, Bhima one of the 5 Pandavas, is located at north-west of Manali. The Hadimba temple has a pagoda-shaped roof and a doorway with intricate designs. This temple is one of the famous and best examples of excellent craftsmanship. There is no entry fee, and it opens from 8 am to 6 pm.


Looking for calm Places to visit in Manali to visit and want to enjoy a serene atmosphere full of spirituality then various monasteries at Manali are the best places to visit. Without any doubt, no other place can match the soul-comfort offered by the peaceful atmosphere of these monasteries filled with the divine scent of incense sticks. Tourists can find some amazing designer carpets woven by hand and fantastic masterpieces of Tibetan art. The Tibetan Monasteries opens daily but to visit the shrine one has to visit between 7 am to 7 pm and there is no entry fee.

Solang Valley

To suffice your adventurous soul visit Solang valley has the best activities to offer you: paragliding, skiing, horse riding and zorbing among many others. All these Places to visit in Manali will give you a spectacular view of snow-clad mountains offer the best way to rejuvenate. Time to visit is between 10 am to 6 pm and there is no entry fee

Rohtang Pass

To visit the famous Rohtang Pass, you will get the golden chance of visiting this place only if you visit Manali during the summer time. It is loaded with snow all throughout the year and offers a number of adventure sports and majestic views. It connects Manali to Keylong, and the road is a complete delight to drive on. It is one of the Best Places to visit in Manali and located 51 km away from Manali and at an elevation of 3,978 meters. To get here you need to take a cab, better if you can get a bike and take a drive to this snow loaded paradise. Rohtang pass opens by the end of May till October depending on the weather conditions. It is preferred to visit this place early in the morning by 8 am and there is no entry fee.


Vashisht Temple

One of the Best Places to visit in Manali, the Vashisht Temple is believed to be more than 4,000 years old, which is dedicated to sage Vashisht, the Kula guru of Lord Rama. Visit the Vashisht Hot Water Spring, it is one of the famous attractions of this region and the water from this hot spring is believed to have great healing powers, which can cure many diseases related to skin and other infections. Time to visit from 7 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 10 pm and there is no entry fee.

Jagatsukh Temple

The Jagatsukh temple is another of the preferred places to visit in Manali. Located at a distance of 6 km from Manali, Jagatsukh is the small village in the district of Kullu. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and built in the shikhara style. There are many old temples in this village, but Jagatsukh Temple is an ancient temple built during the 8th century. You can visit anytime at any time within 6 am to 5 pm and there is no entry fee.

Arjun Gufa

Arjun Gufa is certainly one of the most mesmerising places to visit in Manali which is situated on the bank of Beas River, Arjun Gufa is an interesting place to visit. Legend says that Arjun, the great Pandav warrior from the Indian epic Mahabharata meditated in this place. Quiet and beautiful place away from the town crowd, this gufa offers the stunning view of beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges within the Himalayas. There is no entry fee, and one can visit at any point of time. Although if you visit in the morning time from 9 am to 4 pm you can view the best of the gufa.


Hampta Pass trek

One of the Places to visit in Manali from the Rambagh circle in Manali will fill you up with the sceneries of lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains in the backdrop along with the variety of flora and fauna throughout its journey. The amazing snow covering on the majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges makes the scenery even more pleasing to the eyes. The Hampta Pass trek, which is of 26 km that can be easily covered in 6 days. The ending portion of the Hampta pass trek is Chhatru, which actually offers the spectacular confluence of Hampta pass, Spiti valley, and Rohtang pass. The perfect time to visit- May- June and August- September. The cost of this trek can range from Rs 1500 and onwards.

River Beas

From newly-wed couple to a water sports enthusiast, the River Beas is one of those places to visit in Manali which will effortlessly attract your attention. Any tourist can spend some valuable moments with your sweetheart on the bank of this beautiful river running alongside this town. The location is also perfect for spending some quality time with your family. Also for all those people who have an inclination towards adventurous sports, river rafting is the best way to rejuvenate.

Jogini waterfalls

The mesmerizing Jogini waterfalls is a literal paradise located amidst the tranquillity of mountains and the grandeur. The rushing sound of water making its way to the down to the Beas river flowing in the Manali city is an utter peace to the mind and soul. You can also enjoy the thrill of river rafting in the Beas river. Jogini falls is a trek of approximately 4 km from the Vashishth temple and 7.5 km from the Manali bus stop. The trek is easy and scenic and will take you to a speechless view of apple orchards, pine trees and the little hamlets around. So, this would certainly be a must see in the places to visit in Manali.

Old Manali

This part of Old Manali is the heart of the city and is beautifully populated with its quaint houses that are perfect masterpieces of wood and stone, towering pine trees and local markets bustling with crowds comes under the mandatory places to visit in Manali. It is amazing the way it has retained its original essence despite being a tourist attraction is really appreciable. Every tourist can rest your glances at the wonderful views or buy the souvenirs to recall the great moments.

Charming Eateries

We all know that eating a local cuisine in a five-star hotel is one thing, eating it amidst the local folk performances in a natural surrounding is completely different. For those who want to have a direct contact with authentic experience, then riverside eateries are the most recommendable places to visit in Manali. The mesmerizing live music-gigs, local interiors and natural atmosphere offer a completely authentic experience. It becomes more recommendable to enjoy local cuisine at local eateries with natural surroundings.

Mall Road

Also popular as the heart of the town, Mall road is beautifully populated with a variety of hotels, markets and eateries which is certainly one of the great places to visit in Manali. Nestled by the side of beautiful Beas River, it is a well-decorated local market. You can find hotels with a home-like atmosphere, an eatery selling local food a local small shop selling souvenirs; your eyes will meet a kaleidoscope of beautiful scenes depicting a strong local connection. You can also enjoy a variety of local and international tourists offer a perfect global atmosphere. Buying local products, mingling with local people or enjoying mouth-watering cuisine are only a few of variety of activities you can do at Mall road. Visit in the morning time to visit the various shops and if you like to take a walk in the calm atmosphere you can come after 8 pm when the shops get closed.

Among all the places to visit in Manali, this is one for those places for tourist who want to enjoy the otherworldly joy. The place has always and will always attract the attention of travel enthusiasts and lovers of good times.


The Manali weather in the months of May-June provides the much sought-after summer escapade and the hill station is perhaps at its busiest at this time. The average high temperature is between 25°C to 28°C, while the average low ranges from 8°C to 13°C; providing a welcome relief from the blistering heat. Summer is the perfect time for adventurous tourists to indulge in thrilling pursuits such as paragliding, zorbing, river rafting, rock climbing and trekking. One of the major tourist places to visit in Manali is the Rohtang Pass is open only in the summer which attracts a huge number of visitors to Manali.

Another of the great summer attraction and places to visit in Manali is the famous Hadimba Temple Festival which is held annually in May. With lush greenery all around, the spectacular mountain flora in full bloom, pleasant weather and plenty of exciting activities on offer, summer in Manali is a tourist paradise. March to April is when spring sets in the mountains. With the melting of snow and the growth of fresh leaves and flowers, the valley bursts into colours after the long winter. The rejuvenating air, blossoming apple orchards and swarms of multi-coloured butterflies flying around makes for an unforgettable experience.


One can find a multitude of hotels in Manali to cater to all budget categories. Even you are willing to splurge on a lavish accommodation, or seeking for a cosy homestay, you will find a lot of options around Manali’s famous Mall Road and Old Manali. Also, one can opt for a riverside resort that will charm you with its cosy vibe or a hotel that offers a comfortable stay without burning a hole in your pocket. Thus, it is true that Manali has something for every tourist, but you should not forget any of the top places to visit in Manali.