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Places to visit in Darjeeling

Considered as one of the brightest jewels of West Bengal tourism, Darjeeling is a popular hill station set in the Himalayan foothills. The renowned Darjeeling tea is found growing widely here in numerous tea plantations all over the hilly slopes. Admired for its mesmerizing scenario of the Kanchenjunga, the best place to stay in Darjeeling trip is to find a hotel room with a spectacular view of the mountains.

A popular destination in West Bengal for many travelers, Darjeeling tourist spot is a picturesque canvas of natural beauty and spectacular mountain views. The sprawling greenery of the tea estates set against the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, the hill station offers beautiful panoramic views. Thanks to the popularity of Darjeeling tourist place, it is very easy for tourists to find several good resorts in Darjeeling, West Bengal.


  • Placed in the lap of Himalayan ranges in the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling trip is a paradise on earth surrounding by lush greenery, beautiful mountain ranges, amazing view of snow-capped peaks?and most importantly Mount Kanchenjunga is considered as the pride of tourism in North-East and West Bengal was the summer retreat for the British Raj Elite.
  • Even today it is the terminus of the narrow-gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or Toy Train that is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites started in the year of 1881. The amazing fact is the distinctive black tea that is world-famous by the name of Darjeeling Tea - grown on the plantation -?dotting its surrounding slopes.
  • Now UNESCO has given this a special status by declaring it as Heritage Railway. For various places to visit in Darjeeling, it is an amazingly enjoyable one and various people prefer to travel by toy train as this is an additional gain in their tour of Darjeeling.


Mahabaleshwar (Satara) is easily approachable from the cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Nashik, Pune etc and other big cities in India. Thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar every year during their vacations. It is well connected via roads, railway, and air.

BY ROAD: From Bagdogra, it is a car ride of 3/4 hours which will make the tourists reach their destination very easily. You can also hire a taxi from New-Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. If you are hiring a taxi service you may be charged Rs 15 per Km

BY TRAIN: You can reach New-Jalpaiguri station and then simply take the toy train from New-Jalpaiguri to at Darjeeling. This train runs on narrow gauge line, which holds the name Darjeeling Himalayan Railway constructed in 1881 under the legacy of British.

BY AIR: The nearest airport, Bagdogra is connected with many important cities in India which have made Darjeeling reachable to all tourists from all over India.


There are so many Darjeeling tourist spot that it is difficult to make them fit in here, in this limited space. So, I will name only a few of the most important places which cannot be missed at any cost while making Darjeeling trip.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, more popularly known as the “Toy Train”, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covering a distance of roughly 80 kilometers, this rail route runs between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling stations. Traveling over a mountainous terrain, this toy train ride promises splendid views and is one the main attraction in places to visit in Darjeeling.

This Himalayan railway is also popular as ‘toy train’, a modern-day engineering marvel narrow that grabs the attention amazingly. The journey from Darjeeling to Ghoom is called joyride. It is awarded as UNESCO world heritage that still runs with the original steam engines and defines the notable exploits of human power and engineering. One can enjoy views of the charming mountains on all its way to Darjeeling places to visit. The first class fare starts from RS 260 and second class starts from Rs 55.

Tiger Hill

An absolute must for every person selecting various Darjeeling tourist spot is to watch the sunrise from Tiger Hill. Jeeps are available from most resorts in Darjeeling, West Bengal, where early morning rides are provided so that tourists can reach the mountain peak before dawn breaks. As the sun’s rays fall on the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga peak, the sky changes colors making it a beautiful sight to cherish. Tiger Hill is particularly known for having a view of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga. When the sun comes up with its crimson red rays spreading on Kanchenjunga peak the tourist get mesmerized by its heavenly beauty. Time to visit must be between 4am to 7:30am

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

Locally well-known as the Himalayan Zoo, this zoological park is the largest high altitude zoo in India. It is most noted for its successful captive breeding programs for the snow leopard, red panda and the endangered species of Himalayan wolf. The zoo is home to special flora and fauna that grows uniquely in the Himalayan region. Opens at 8:30am and closes at 4:30 pm, the entry fee is Rs.30

Glenary’s Bakery

It might not be the best place to stay in the Darjeeling trip, but it surely is the best place to eat in this town! This iconic bakery house is near the Chowrasta Square, where tourists can enjoy sorts of baked items and sweets as well as a full menu of sandwiches. Enjoying a warm breakfast at Glenary’s Bakery is on the to-do lists of most tourists. Remember to visit by 9:30 pm

Charming Chiabari

A premium luxury resort in Darjeeling places to visit, West Bengal, Chamong Chiabari offers its visitors picturesque views and a quiet respite away from the hustle of everyday life. Perched atop a serene cliff, the Chamong Mountain Retreat and Spa is the best place to stay in Darjeeling trip that offers the best to its guests in one of the world’s most stunning mountaintop locations at an elevation of 4800 feet.

Happy Valley Tea Garden

One of the best Darjeeling tourist spot, the Happy Valley Tea Garden is also one of the prime attractions of the city and quite popular among the travelers. This beautiful destination garden is a must watch place because it experiences you the real process of tea manufacturing. If you are going for a vacation in Darjeeling, you must make a visit to see the scenic charm of this place, located only 1 km. away from the city Darjeeling. Visiting during the day time would be perfect and no entry fees are required here.

There are so many travel agents who can offer you different kind of Darjeeling tourist spot packages. What you need to do is just to check the places and activities they are offering in the package. Darjeeling Hotel has lots of best-in-class hotels for accommodation. Some of the travel agents allow you to customize the Darjeeling trip. Customize it as per your requirements and make a memorable

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is another most popular Darjeeling tourist spot because of the Hindu and Buddhist temples situated nearby. To have a great view of this place, it is preferable to visit to Observatory Hill early in the morning and enjoy the amazing scene of sun rise over the mountain peaks. It is well known as Makal-Babu-Ko-Thaan and you need to pay any entry fees here.

Senchal Lake

Senchal Lake is about 11 km. away from the center of Darjeeling and is a great place for Bird lovers, who can enjoy the charm of the lake in early morning. This magnificent lake is located at an altitude of 8515 feet above sea level. It is a great Darjeeling tourist spot that offers you a truly refreshing environment to spend quality time in the lap of nature.

Batasia Loop

The destination is located at a walking distance from Darjeeling City Center just below Ghoom, The Batasia Loop is a spiral or a loop of a narrow gauge railway track where toy train negotiates. The place has become famous since it is a wonderful place to see. This is a perfect destination in your Darjeeling trip to the view of Darjeeling’s landscape, Kanchenjunga and other eastern Himalayan peaks.

Darjeeling Ropeway

Visiting Darjeeling tourist spot and not able to ride the rope way is a tragedy, It has been offering nature’s all view at one place—known as Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car. One can enjoy the view of lush tea gardens, dense forests, mountain stream and waterfalls. Rope way provides you the real beauty of places to visit in Darjeeling. The 5 KM round trip will cost you Rs 200 and for children below 8 years Rs 100. In winter and monsoon timings are 10 am to 4 pm. In summer and autumn timings are 10 am to 2 pm.

Astounding Bird Watch

Tumsong Tea Estate is a paradise for national birds due to its art-design of altitude, diversity of habit and its drizzling is the main factors why international birds love this place. The Tea Estate’s fresh air, crisp breeze and misting rain is a wonderland where we guarantee your Darjeeling trip a finest one with one cup of tea.


Mahakal Temple

Located on the top of the Observatory Hill, the Mahakal Temple is a short walk from the Chowrasta Square. Legends say that where the temple stands today, was once home to a Buddhist monastery. Hence, this temple is popular among both Hindu priests and Buddhist monks.

Peace Pagoda & Japenese Temple

Located just 10 km away from the main city of Darjeeling the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, built in traditional Japanese Style in the year 1972. The place is very close to the Peace Pagoda Temple. If you are looking for a calm atmosphere then you must include this place. The prayer starts at 4:30 am to 6:30 pm and then again at 4:30 pm to 6:30pm and there is no admission fee


Refreshing Campfire

In Darjeeling trip, you can feel the coolness in all time. Tumsong tea retreat resort offers a large portioned area for camp firing to make your night a day with continuous music and dancing along with the humbling campfire.

River Side Picnic and Camping

If you love to spend the time for a riverside camping in a tropical tea estate to drop down your stress, then Tumsong Luxury Tea Hotel would be an ideal place for you. This Darjeeling tourist spot is surrounded with the banks of the river that gives you an endless panoramic beauty, deep view of the tea estate and mountainous view.

A Visit to the Peace Pagoda Overview

A short distance from Darjeeling away, stands four avatars of Buddha. All sorts of people can go and visit the site which was created from 1972 to 1992. It stands in favor of peace and propensity for the world and the visitors come back with a good vibe and experience within themselves.

A Visit to The Famous tea Plantations

Darjeeling tourist spot is famous for its tea and there are more than 86 gardens that produce it. People can hire a guide and go on tours that allow them to see and taste the high quality Dooars and Terai teas fresh from its origin. Mall road also has a lot of shops for people interested in getting tea. But, nothing compares to a visit to the exquisite tea gardens that make the hill station so popular. A visit during the day time would give you a clearer picture.

Going to The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Zoo overview

The institute was established by Tenzing Norway. There is a memorial for him and a museum that showcases some equipment used by him to reach Mount Everest. The zoo is full of birds and animals, all of the exotic kind. It is enjoyable to take a long stroll amidst those creations of nature. Opens daily during the peak season and remains closed on Tuesdays during the off season. at 9 am and closes at 5 pm with one hour gap from 1 pm to 2 pm. Both the Bengal Natural History Museum and the Darjeeling Zoo lies in the same campus where the combined ticket price is Rs. 60 and additional Rs. 10 for camera charges.

Paying a Visit to the Crowded and Lively Chowrasta

Chowrasta means the merging of four roads. This area is the famous Mall Road part where plenty of lanes and bylanes merge to form a lively hub where people walk around purchasing things, eating out of stalls or joints and so on. It is the most crowded and colorful part of the city. You can visit at any point of time you like but make sure to visit before the shops are closed.

Having a Joyful toy Train Ride

This is a marvelous hill passenger train that is unique to the country of India and a marvelous Darjeeling tourist place. The experience of traveling in a train so open and cheery is simply unforgettable.


For wildlife lovers, there are some other attractions as well. You can see many of the rare species in the Himalayan region. The Himalayan Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the most popular rare species which stay in the Darjeeling tourist place. Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan leopard, Siberian Tiger and Red Panda are the unusual animals bring another level of joy to the animal lovers. Besides that, you can see different types of Himalayan birds there.

Trek at Sandakphu

To make the Darjeeling trip more exciting and memorable you should not miss the activities that you are offered in Darjeeling tourist spot. One of the most exciting activities for adventure lovers in Darjeeling is trekking at Sandakphu which is also known as the ‘paradise of trekkers’. This trek follows a route known as Singalila Range. This trek begins from Manebhanjang which is a village. The best part of the trek is that the top four highest peaks in the world – Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu are visible in the trek. To accomplish the trek, it will take around 8 days. The view is filled with an amazing combination of colors of rhododendrons, primulas, and magnolias. The permit fee is Rs 100.

Adventurous Hiking

Want to take a most risk-taking hiking in a blossom tea area? Tumsong Tea Hotel is one of the most required places to visit in Darjeeling organizes you a thrilling hiking. You will forget all your stress, business work and family commitments through the hike enjoyments. Tumsong team guides you on what to carry, what to wear, where to go along with the delicious food and drinks.

Other attractions

The Lush green tea gardens like Glenburn tea estate is another place where visitors can purchase tea leaves of their choice besides experience the sigh of tea plantation and collection. The Himalayan zoological park is famous Darjeeling tourist place for its conservation of Red pandas, Snow leopards, Tibetan wolves and other rare animals of Eastern Himalayas. Mountaineering Institute is a spot in Darjeeling in which people can get many photos and equipment used for mountaineering. Rope way ride is there for tourists which provide a fantastic view of Kanchenjunga that makes the tourists feel excellent. Keventers is another center in Darjeeling which serves coffee and snacks of people irrespective of their age. Other than all these Darjeeling places to visit there are many places to which tourists can pay a visit by car. They are Lepchajagat, Icche gaon, Mirik, etc. All these places have spectacular sceneries where tourist can enjoy and relax at the same time with home comfort and hospitality.

Observatory Hills, Botanical Garden, Darjeeling Museum, The Japanese Temple, Tiger Hill, Happy Valley Tea-Estate, Batasia Loop, Dali Monasteries and Ganga Maiya Park are other famous Darjeeling tourist place for tourist visiting Darjeeling. So, don’t forget to add the places in the list of your holiday package of Darjeeling. You are going to have the most exciting and unforgettable tour in your life.


White Water Rafting

One of the major sport adventure destinations in Darjeeling tourist place is the river Teesta, that is flowing in Darjeeling has a lot to offer to all the adventure buffs, with its wild and foaming waters. The awesome experience of rafting should not be missed here. Get yourself drenched, in a thrilling way, with the rafting experience. You can also fetch another perk here, you can do river side camping and experience the wonderful sojourn, having nice time with your friends. The mesmerizing fauna and flora here will appease your senses to the core.

Hot Air Balloon

Many few people know that Darjeeling tourist place is one of the very few hill stations in India, which offer the adventure of hot air balloon ride. You can enjoy a float in the vast azure sky, above the mountains and the valleys, and have an enchanting view of the beautiful city of Darjeeling. Nothing can be more pacifying than this ride in the sky! This will cost you Rs 1500 per person and obviously during the day time.


For those who look more amount of adventure and the air balloon does not amuse you much, and then places to visit in Darjeeling won’t fail to appease you with the fun-soaked adventure of paragliding. Enjoy the beauty of the panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga range of the Himalayas, and experience the breathtaking charm of nature. One can witness the mighty Mount Everest, and exhilarate you to the core at Rs 3500 for 2 hours. This can be done till the sunset.


Apart from the scenic beauty all over Darjeeling tourist place, another destination, the Rammam River in Singla is one of the best tourist places in Darjeeling, as this river offers the challenge of Kayaking to all the adventure lovers and fun lovers out there. You can fulfill your dreams with overwhelming joy, kayaking with your friends in Darjeeling. The place usually remains close during monsoon, that is from July to September and the best time is December to June. You may have to sign an Assumption of Risk and Release bond before taking the kayaking and will cost something between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 depending on the availability.


For places to visit in Darjeeling, summer vacations are the best time to morph together with your friends and families, and strengthen the bonds. You can check various websites that have come up with a solution, which offer you amazing packages, without letting you pay through your nose.

From July to September, beat the scorching summer heat with a chilling tour to Darjeeling tourist place, a perfect place for all kinds of souls, be it honeymooners, families, friends, or love birds. You can view the exquisiteness of this India’s most adored place, and have mesmerizing memories to weave in your hearts forever.


Top-end places to visit in Darjeeling Hotels include both 5 stars and normal stay. There are plenty of low and mid range options as well. It is a very versatile travel spot and people allocating all such budgets can spend a good holiday there.

These days’ accommodations are available all over India including every remote place of tourist interest. In a remote place like Sandakphu where you can reach by trekking only, foreigners are staying in homestays for a long time to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the snow-capped mountain range of Himalaya.

The accommodation for tourists is provided in a colonial house where you can find large suites that are simple and have quality antique furniture retaining the aura of the British colonial days. The suites became popular after the Wernicke family members who originally owned the estate. You will find a vase full of fresh flowers from the gardens and a basket of fresh fruits delivered to your room every day. If you love mountains and want to spend a relaxing holiday, then Darjeeling tourist place is a great escape route for you.