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Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar weather and temperature

Mahabaleshwar “, The god of great power,” is a large hill station in India. Located in Western Ghats range, 285 kilometers from Mumbai, this most popular summer retreat of Maharashtra has the supernatural powers of attracting people towards its eternal beauty. Also, the list of places to visit in Mahabaleshwar is a long and interesting one.

Situated near the Arabian Sea, it enjoys a pleasant climate. With its hills, the pleasing natural beauty of forests and orchids, it extends a range of activities for the visitors.

It is a spot relished by honeymooners and equally enjoyed by travelers looking for adventure by trekking, river rafting, boating, horse riding. Its views are a treat for nature lovers, and forts remind of the good old times. It has many historical temples serving religious needs as well. It's one of those sites about which we can say that places to visit in Mahabaleshwar can never disappoint anyone, it has something for everyone.

The hill station is the root of the second longest river in India - Krishna River. The fascinating thing is to notice in Mahabaleshwar is that four other rivers which are Savitri, Koyna, Gayatri, and Vienna fall out from cow’s mouth in the ancient temple of Mahadev and is among most beautiful places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar

The temperature of Mahabaleshwar is 20 degree that is mild and soft in February, March and April and warmth in summer is 30 degree in May to June and December to February temperature decline to 10 degrees?.

So, the advised time to visit would be between October to June. In July to September Mahabaleshwar receive the perpetual shower that enriches their beauty.

Some interesting fact about the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

  • Mahabaleshwar was known as a health resort in 1829 AD; afterward, it was a jail with 120 prisoners for Chinese convicts from 1834 to 1864, and these prisoners engrossed themselves in cultivating strawberries and red potatoes.
  • Mahabaleshwar also was known as “strawberry country” situated in the strawberry farm which employs about 1500 acre land, trip of Mahabaleshwar is incomplete without tasting these items.
  • The Pratapgarh fort is a famous fort in Mahabaleshwar established by Shivaji Maharaj.
  • The forests of Mahabaleshwar are filled with ayurvedic and medicinal plants and trees.
  • An old temple in Mahabaleshwar is Panchganga temple which is declared to be 4500 years of age.

Strawberry festival in Mahabaleshwar

Festivals in Mahabaleshwar is celebrated with great adore.

  • Strawberry festival: Mahabaleshwar allure the visitors with three days of elite strawberry festivals in the Mapro garden during Easter weekend.
    Ganesh Chaturthi: in August – September, people in Mahabaleshwar cheer Ganesh Chaturthi for 7 to 10 days.

How to reach Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar (Satara) is easily approachable from the cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Nashik, Pune and other big cities in India. Thousands of visitors come here to experience the right places to visit in Mahabaleshwar each year during their holidays.

BY ROAD: Mahabaleshwar is around 250 km from Solapur. It will take approximately 4-5 hour depending on traffic. There are two options in this route, and one is Poladpur and other is Mumbai – Pune.

BY TRAIN: The Satara is the nearest railways station which is almost forty-five kilometers away from Mahabaleshwar. Trains from Mumbai to Pune stop at Satara railway station. The visitor can hire the taxi and other vehicles to reach their final destination from the Satara railway station.

BY AIR: Mahabaleshwar does not have an airport, but the nearest airport is in Pune which is 120 km away. From Pune, one can hire a cab and other vehicles, and another international airport near to Mahabaleshwar is Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport, located in Mumbai. From Mumbai, tourist can hire the bus or cab to reach the Mahabaleshwar.


Mahabaleshwar points are where a person can stand and adore the scenery of Mahabaleshwar. In Mahabaleshwar, there are around 30 valley points around the hills station and are worth places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. The most popular of these are:-

WILSON POINT (Sunrise Point)

wilson point mahabaleshwar

Wilson point also known as a sunrise point is named after Sir Leslie Wilson, the governor of Bombay from 1923 to 1926. This highest point in Mahabaleshwar located in at 4710 feet above the sea level, has vast surroundings and its fresh and windy and trendy among places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

Known initially as Sindhola hills, it has three towers which are closely located to each other and provide the best platform to a visitor who is keen to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Advised time would be 6 AM to 6 PM, but it can vary according to seasons.


bombay point mahabaleshwar

Named after its location on old Bombay road, Bombay point is the earliest point in Mahabaleshwar. Bombay point is located 3 km from Mahabaleshwar bus stand and offers the visitors an elegant glimpse of the sunset over the valley and outstanding of the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

With an average time spent of 2-3 hours- afternoon picnic, horse riding, Chowpatty games are popular with the tourist here. There is also a lover’s point at the right of Bombay point.


elephant head point mahabaleshwar

Elephant head point also known as needle hole point is one of the most hangouts among places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. The precipice which overhangs simulates the elephant head and trunk. Completely covered with greenery this point gives endearing views of Sahyadri mountain range.

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM is the recommended time although one can spend more time in summers.

Arthur's Seat

arthur seat mahabaleshwar

Originally named Madhi Mahaal Arthur's seat is known as the queen of all the points in Mahabaleshwar.it is at an elevation of 1470 m above the sea level. The place is famous for its scenic beauty and most visiting site in Mahabaleshwar.

Arthur name came from Arthur mallet who lost his wife and daughter in a tragic accident in the Savitri river, afterward, he used to sit here and to stare at the river and wish for their coming back to their life.

It is also famous for floating of lightweight objects which when thrown down to the valley come up floating due to the air pressure.

This area provides the incredible views of Savitri and Brahma Aryan valley from six different points along with Arthur's seat which are

  • window point with naturally window shaped mountains
  • echo point where the voice comes back from the valley when one shouts
  • hunter point used for hunting by britishers
  • tiger spring point where the natural spring has cold and clean water
  • Malcolm point is offering views of Arthur's seat, Pratapgarh Fort, and Savitri valley.

It is a 30-minute trek from the parking area or can dropping area to Arthur's seat point which is filled with lovely views. Opening from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm it takes about 2-3 hours to explore this place thoroughly.


lodwick point mahabaleshwar

Lodwick point, located at the 4km from Mahabaleshwar bus stand at an elevation of 4087 feet above sea level was formerly known as Sydney point. Later this point was dedicated to the honor of British officer - general Lodwick, who was the first officer to climb the mountain and reach this point.

Amidst the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar what makes this point unique is that General Lodwick’s son made the great pole here at about 25 feet to give honor to Lodwick achievement.

The extreme point of this mountain range is known as the elephant head point because of its shape. This point offers the beyond comparison views of the Pratapgarh fort. the trip of Lodwick point will take about 2-3 hours of your time including the 1.5 km trek from the parking area, or you can also enjoy a pony ride for the way.


3monkeys point mahabaleshwar

On the way to Arthur's seat, there is the natural figure of stones which looks like 3 monkeys sitting beside each other and set at the top of mountain carve with greenery, and the point serves a beautiful experience. Visitors can visit here anytime during the day, and it also has Food stalls available here. We suggest you buy some for monkeys also and be a little careful with them as well as they are a little naughty.


venna lake mahabaleshwar

Shri Appasaheb Maharaj constructed Vienna lake in 1842. Lake covers the 28-acre area, and the average depth is 10 feet. This beautiful place among the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar is covered with trees and greenery all around.

This lake provides various tourist attractions like new boat riding and horse ride nearby. There are some refreshments and other eateries items that attract more visitors.

There is no entry fee, but boating charges are for Row Boat and Peddle Boat.

The lake is open for visitors from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily but Boating club is open till sunset only.


strawberry garden mahabaleshwar

The trip to Mahabaleshwar is fragmental without a visit to its strawberry farms, and it is most leading among places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Best time to visit this farm is during the period strawberry are grown between December to April.

In antiquity, Britishers brought strawberry plants from Australia and planted in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. Nowadays these strawberries are exported to other countries. You can also pick berries from the garden and get ice cream made out of them or maybe buy some jam bottles as souvenirs.


Waterfalls enhance the beauty of Mahabaleshwar hill station and are favorite among gathering places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.


lingmala waterfall mahabaleshwar

Lingmala waterfalls situated at the distance of 6km from Mahabaleshwar bus stand. It is pinpoint at the top of the Venna river and one of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. It attracts the picnickers to spend the right time with their family and friends.

In the Lingmala waterfalls, two waterfalls occur, one is a mini waterfall which is safe for playing waters, and swimming and the other one is the main waterfall from the height of 500 feet.

Taking almost half a day of your trip, Entry fees for Lingmala waterfall are Rs. 15 per person and timing 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


dhobi waterfalls mahabaleshwar

Dhobi waterfall is the charismatic waterfall in Mahabaleshwar and distance of 2 km from Mahabaleshwar bus stand. Dhobi waterfall is the best picnic spot of all the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar to spend a fun-filled day with family and friends. Dhobi waterfall enclosed on all sides with rocks from where the water fells into the valley and then joins the Koyna river.


bhilar waterfall mahabaleshwar

Bhilar waterfall situated in the Bhilar village on Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar road and is believed to be the source of kundali river. A qualified expert conducts all the adventure activities in the campsites area. it appears only in monsoons.


tiger spring point mahabaleshware

Tiger spring waterfall is an alluring spot among places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Tiger waterfall offers a fantastic view of the green valley surrounding it. This waterfall is suitable for both who are enjoying relaxation vacation and one for adventure seekers. One can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset because it is open in the early morning to late evening.

Forts in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a place with a vast historical background and the forts and monuments here the evidence of that great past. Get a feel of the empires which existed here by visiting these forts.


pratapgad fort in mahabaleshwar

The Pratapgad fort is the pride of the Maratha Empire and situated 24 km away from Mahabaleshwar. This fort is built in 1656 AD by king Shivaji. This fort is perplexed by ponds, chambers and long dark walkways. Inside the fort, there is 4500-kilo bronze statue of Shivaji which allure the entire building. Pratapgad fort is divided into the upper and lower fort.

The lower fort 110 m wide and 320 m long and is covered by towers and bastions, ten to twelve meters high and located in the southeast of the fort.

The upper fort was built upon the pinnacle and surrounded by sheer cliff and located at the northwest of the fort and also include Mahadev temple being the most impressive structure.

The major attractions here among the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar for the visitors are the Bhavani temple built by Chhatrapati Shivaji, and Afzal Khan tomb preserves as a memorial to Shivaji courage.

The best time to visit pratapgad fort is October and May.


Morarji castle built by Britisher is in old colonial style. In this castle Mahatma Gandhi sojourn in 1945 during his visit to Mahabaleshwar. Visiting time 10:00 am to 6:30 pm with no entry fee.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Koyna wildlife sanctuary is an outlandish sanctuary with the ample of fauna and flora and finest among places to visit in Mahabaleshwar and was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It covers an area of about 426.52 sq km.

The sanctuary has three major sections which are marked with Vasota, Markhor and Indavli Met and Koyna, Kandati, and Solashi rivers. Shiv Sagar dam of Koyna river acts as a natural protector of the sanctuary, and the western ghats protect the other side.

Royal Bengal tiger and Cobra are seen in the vicinage of this wildlife sanctuary. Fauna at this sanctuary is gaur, sambars, cobra, panthers, langurs and big squirrel. Birds in Koyna wildlife sanctuary are brown capped woodpeckers, Malabar grey hornbill crimson backed Sunbird, etc. Roads and Kolhapur Deogarh highway well connect the Koyna wildlife sanctuary. The nearby attraction of this sanctuary is Navasota fort and Sajjangad fort.


OLD Mahabaleshwar TEMPLE

Old Mahabaleshwar temple situated in Satara district in Mahabaleshwar, it is also known as Kshetra Mahabaleshwar this temple has venerable and unique shivling. The regional people say that it is a natural Shiva Linga and Pandava guru Dronacharya did the first puja in this Shiva Linga. A 5ft high stone wall surrounds the temple.


This temple is primary religious importance and numbers of the tourists visit in this temple every year and most common of the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Panchganga temple is formed at the junctions of five rivers which are Krishna, veena, Savitri, Koyna, and Gayatri. The five rivers flow out from cow’s mouth known as the Gaumukhi. This temple is for those who are history seekers and photographers because of its original beauty.

There are no entry fees, and the timing of the temple is all days of week 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Tourist should spend only one hour in this temple.


The only church among the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar Known as the church in hills, it attracts many visitors with its bewitching stained glass windows and old charms. Church open all days 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Krishnabai temple is an old temple in Mahabaleshwar, and it is placed in proximity of 6 km from Mahabaleshwar and 300 m from old Mahabaleshwar temple. Krishnabai Mandir is the source of the Krishna river.

Water pouring from the cow mouth is believed to be eternal and flow into the pond which flows out as Krishna river. Krishnabai temple has a Shiva lingam and beautiful sculpture of goddess Krishna. And it provides the marvelous view of river Krishna. Best timing to visit this temple is 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


On the road to Arthur seat, you should reach in stones after a short while and see Brahmarishi caves.


Rajpuri caves have their religious significance. Many ponds surround the caves. In ancient time, Pandavas during their exile had sheltered in this cave. The holy Ganga river also flows into these ponds.

The devotees have a bath in this water to cure all kinds of evils and diseases. Rajpuri caves are one of the amongst most ancient attraction and most fascinating of the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar and also an old image of Lord Kartikeya son of Lord Shiva can be seen here, and it is the most popular attraction of caves.


The temple is dedicated to Lord Karthikeya son of Lord Shiva and is located at Rajpuri caves in Panchgani. The building of this temple is tranquil and relaxed and is best suited for those devotees who are looking for a peaceful environment for meditation. The spiritual atmosphere enhances the beauty of this place. It is one of the ancient holy places to visit in Mahabaleshwar as well in the whole of India.

Thaipooyam festival is the most famous festival is celebrated here in January and February with great enthusiasm. Visit during daytime and sightseeing here would take about 1 hour.


Shankar temple is home for swayambhu i.e., self-appearing Mahalingam of Lord Shiva. It is the most famous prominent Hindu temple. This temple is also known as trigunatmak which signifies the triumvirate of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha. The Mahalingam in this temple is of rudraksha shape, and on the head of Mahalingam, there is the mark of five rivers and their water never lose their level. This temple is unique among the 12 jyotirlingas in India.

Shri Shankar Mandir opens every day and time to visit this temple all days of week 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM TO 9:00 PM. And visitor spent their time for one hour and also there are no entry fees like most of the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.


25 km ahead of Mahabaleshwar, the awkwardly simple village of Tapola which is famous as the mini Kashmir got recently added to the list of places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. The drive from Mahabaleshwar to Tapola is one which will keep your eyes busy and your mind in awe of the beauty.

The base camp for the most exhilarating trek of Maharashtra offers magnificent views of forts and forest nearby which can be reached only by boat for which the Koyna wildlife sanctuary authorities provide you with entry permissions. On the trek to vasota, The Nageshwar temple is also worthy of a visit.

Tapola is also famous for its strawberry farms and nurseries of Gerbera and a wide variety of flowers which paint a picturesque view.

Also few Kms away from Tapola, the valley of Kas pathar exists which turns into a flower bed with more than 150 flower varieties post monsoon which is also a place worth visiting among the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

Shivsagar Lake

The largest completed hydroelectric power plant of India consists of four dams of which the largest dam is the Koyna Dam of which the Shivsagar Lake is formed.

It is a magnet for people who are water sports enthusiasts. Here you can participate in activities like boating, kayaking, water scooter rides, and swimming.

Camping and standard accommodation are available for this place which can be easily found online.


Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar has various hotels and resorts nearby so that tourists face no difficulties in finding out the convenient accommodation. Tourist can stay at bungalows, 3-5 star hotels, and resort and also Maharashtra government provide a lot of lodging to their tourists.

A particular recommendation would be one of the historically significant places to visit in Mahabaleshwar are MAHABALESHWAR CLUB.

Mahabaleshwar club built by six British army officers on 22 April 1881. 125 year ago, they decided to convert the old army sanitarium block into the club chamber and convert free hall into the clubhouse, and this club is one of the old 30 surviving clubs of India.

Inside the club, there are unique red brick building and deep red floors contrasting the greenery outsides, and colorful flower beds, old trees and large bell near the dining room elicit the memory of a more genteel past. It is unique among places to visit in Mahabaleshwar as you can stay here for real.

It is a place to stay and what makes it unique is the friendly staff.


[It's a hill station and looks beautiful during monsoon, but please avoid visiting during heavy rains. Never forget the camera, binoculars, comfy shoes, and clothes for the cold weather.]

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