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Sad quotes are true expressions of silent feelings

Sad quotes relate to the new demands and desires of the lovebirds. Generation of today has its unique and innovative styles of doing everything. Therefore, they expect the specialty in everything around them. These quotes relate to the modern and novel outlook of the youngsters. Sad images which reflect the values of love which have gone missing in your life.

The sad quotes are a fresh collection of thoughts and emotions one experience in love. They relate to the situations on often experiences in love life. They will bring smiles on your lips and sometimes tears in your eyes as you go through the journey of love in these quotes. Hope these quotes cater to your needs and provide some feeling of warmth and care to the bruised heart and lonely life

They give new expressions to the feeling of love and care. Relate to these quotes and win the heart of your lover by making her believe she is unique and precious to you in every way. Sad quotes have been framed uniquely so as every sad expression finds its way and each one of us going through blue phases of life can find an outlet for the same.

Sad life quotes show deep pain of heart when loved one goes away

Sad quotes express deep pain of heart
    • Where on earth will I get the medicine for heartache?
    • Nothing blooms, When heart glooms.
  • This despair will take me away.
    • Gone are the days when smiles rested on my lips,
    • Now sadness has a niche in my eyes.
  • Happiness was once a story of my life.
  • Happiness that defined me now seems to be far from reality.
    • Sadness that rests in my eyes,
    • Has taken away all my smiles.
    • Those were the days when life was a matter of choice,
    • Now it has turned into the question of price.
  • Life poses problems that demand adjustment, sacrifice, and compromises.
  • Someone left me incomplete.

Sad love quotes and love sad images add meaning to our lives

Sad love quotes add meaning to our lives
  • Some pains are everlasting. Silence prevails.
  • I alone have to experience the memories which were once created when we were together.
  • Some love stories have no ends they are left incomplete...
  • Gone are the days when dreams, desires enthralled me, now there remains a silent walk through the journey of life.
  • Those were days when life gave a thousand reasons to laugh now it is difficult to find even one reason to smile.
  • A flashback into my life reminds me of freedom, friends, fun which now has taken a turn.
  • Autumn can be seen on the trees and felt in my eyes.
  • Although everything seems to be fine, the pain within is brutal enough to kill me.

Sad love quotes help to face challenges in love

Sad love quotes help to face challenges
  • Sometimes it is challenging to live life.
  • Expecting the enlightened torch on the next turn, I have been moving through all bends of life.
  • I never knew smiles were that costly and sorrows that cheap.
  • Sadness seems to be my everlasting companion in the journey of life.
  • It is not about being alone, and it is about having no one to share feelings.
  • The costliest gift one can give you is a smile on those parched lips and spark in those silent eyes.
  • I have a thousand hearts to share happiness and sorrows rest deep within.
  • Smiles that once defined me now are far from reality.

Sad love quotes which act as companions in your tough times

  • Shades of my life vary between grey and black.
  • Sounds of laughter are most missed when left lonely.
  • Not medicines but prayers can be the cure to my pain.
  • My long waits are not coming to an end although my life is.
  • The darkness that was enlightened by you now grows darker and darker.
  • A shattered dream takes away your sleep.
  • Prayers may help me to restore peace.
  • If happiness flew away, I am sure sadness also has wings.

Sad love quotes for her reflect real feelings about true love

  • Living with you was a blessing and life without you is a curse.
  • Your presence scrambled me together, and your absence shattered me again.
  • There is no other way to accept life than to make sorrows my companions.
  • Your smiles were my strength, and now my worries are my weakness.
  • I can count my joys on my fingers, but my sorrows are quite large in number.
  • Some emotions rest deep within sadness is one amongst those.
  • You stay in my heart, rule my life, but still, I can’t find you.
  • I let you go, but I will hold on to your memories forever.

Sad quotes that make you cry and quotes on sadness

  • Everything has lost meaning and value without you.
  • Sadness breaks the momentum of life.
  • Sadness has its beauty and meaning.
  • Smiles fade away and tears set in.
  • Sadness is my companion in all situations.
  • Wherever I go sadness follows.
  • Smiles once defined me now they are a dream to be fulfilled.
  • Can you bring back the smiles and moments we shared?

Sad love quotes that help you to relate to remorse situations

  • Sadness is a mixture of being in a depression and experiencing anxiety.
  • I am sad as I gave a reason for many to be happy.
  • My sacrifices for them were lost in their celebrations somewhere.
  • I can’t cry as my tears have dried.
  • Sadness has left me cold and numb.
  • The numbness that has entered my veins has made me cold enough to freeze.
  • You turned out what you promised you would never.
  • I owe my sadness to you and your memories.
  • Sadness engulfs me in the same manner as dark clouds engulf the bright moon.

Sad thoughts and sad status reveal a sad image of feelings

  • Sorrows have taught me the art of pretending.
  • It was after you left, I discovered something called sadness.
  • One thought haunts me regularly something has been left undiscovered, unfolded and unspoken.
  • All people witnessed my heartbreak, but I alone suffer heartache.
  • Evenings are most awaited to cherish your memories.
  • Sometimes lips are smiling, and the heart is flooded with tears.
  • Memories of being with loved ones make me realize how lonely I am.
  • The more I strengthen myself more the destiny tries me.
  • My company was appreciated until the need was fulfilled.

Sadness quotes open the way to the plight of the heart

  • Life goes on whether you have smiles on lips or tears in your eyes.
  • Sadness is heavy enough to settle and be stable in the heart.
  • Tears have left my eyes and smile my lips what stays is the heavy heart.
  • The cold within me makes me numb enough to experience nothing.
  • The sadness overcast my heart like fog of monsoons.
  • Sadness tests your strength every minute and every second.
  • Sadness is strong enough not only to break you but tear you into pieces.
  • You could never see deep within the darkness that prevails.
  • In silence, I listen to my heart craving and crying.

Sad quotes about life show the beauty of love

  • I fear to be lonely as it takes me back to the world full of love and happiness.
  • Nothing can get me the warmth which your embrace gave me.
  • Your coldness has made me numb.
  • The silence that exists between us makes me wonder how everything became so quiet in our loud and laughing life we were living and enjoying.
  • Smiles are very costly.
  • One who understands the pain never becomes the cause of it.
  • Nothing was as beautiful as you and nothing is as painful as your memories.
  • The uncountable smiles I shared with you left me with countless memories.

The sad status that stand by your side in your tough times

  • Silence best compliments the sadness.
  • I cannot forget you; therefore, I have to wait.
  • Letting you go was letting my happiness go.
  • Wall of sadness is high enough for the smiles to penetrate.
  • People with broken hearts are strong enough to pose smiles.
  • Medicines worked on my bruises, but the heart was left unhealed.
  • I don’t miss you at times; instead, I feel your absence all the time.
  • Smiles have faded, and sorrows have darkened.

Sad status reflects the sad thoughts that rest within every heart

  • Smiles fade away when life takes away seasons and reasons for happiness.
  • The unrest that rests within me craves for peace.
  • Sadness is deep silence and calms awaiting the waves of happiness to stir it.
  • You were the only reason that I enjoyed all seasons now only coldness prevails.
  • It is not about being near or far from each other it is about being close to one another.
  • I dream of times when we were together, and it makes me realize how alone I am now.
  • It is much more dark and empty than it appears to.
  • The best cure is extraordinary care.

Sad quotes relating to the emptiness created in one’s life

  • Some stories have no ends they have an everlasting wait.
  • How lonely I am no one to brighten my mornings and enlighten my nights.
  • I wait for the mornings when the day will be bright enough to victory the darkness.
  • Where have you gone leaving me all alone?
  • The silent walks always remind me of the talks we did.
  • Sometimes I want to go back in life to live again the moments spent with you.
  • Sadness is hard till you accept it later you become used to it.
  • Waves of sadness were strong enough to pull me into the ocean of isolation.

Sad quotes about life trying to sooth the bruised heart

  • Big sorrows can be turned back by little happiness.
  • Sadness is not the result of some significant issues; it is the result of those small issues which were left untouched and unspoken by you.
  • I had no one to share, so sorrow give me pain in life.
  • I cannot share your sorrows, but I can feel the pain.
  • Let me try if thinking about you as a stranger can help me to feel better.
  • You were my storehouse of happiness and peace.
  • When alone thousand thoughts pierce through me.
  • Forgetting someone is a long journey.

Sad status help to find a small reason to smile and revive again

  • Trying to forget you taught me to live with your memories.
  • My brain can easily forget things, but the heart is foolish enough not able to ignore one single person.
  • Crying makes me feel better. It takes away my sadness though temporarily.
  • Let me find the reason to smile again.
  • I can never tell the truth about my sadness although I give a thousand reasons for it.
  • Walking through the garden, I realized I am like flowers smiling for others though, living in thorns.
  • I was awaiting something which never existed.
  • As I read through your eyes if you also tried you could have reached till my bruised heart.

The sad status that personifies the pain in simple words

  • Melting eyes tell a lot about stories left incomplete.
  • Long hours of silence were broken by a strong gust of wind that brought me back.
  • Long sleepless nights and workless days are gifts of sadness.
  • You wanted, and you moved on, and I still hold on to your memories.
  • It hurts and tears roll down when I remember evenings which had the beauty of true love and innocence.
  • Sadness has its powers of making you pray to god.
  • The smile was once my habit now my desire.
  • Life keeps on teaching you even though you are not interested in the chapter it is reading out for you.

Sad quotes images reflect expressions of pain in love

Sad love quotes reflect expressions of pain
  • Give me some time to collect pieces of my heart and be in peace.
  • Peace, love, and care were with me once now they seem to be far from reality.
  • I was not strong enough to face it, but my life left me with no choice.
  • My loneliness has given the invitation to my sadness.
  • As I walk through the woods, it is not you but your memories which tap on my shoulders and accompany me.
  • My every smile has a long story which I am longing to share with someone.
  • Tears are expressions of the feelings resting deep within.
  • These vast oceans are as silent as my heart.

Sad quotes images show heart pain when loved ones move away

Sad quotes show heart pain
  • I like monsoons as clouds shed their grief in the same manner as I.
  • Autumns always remind me of pain that turns me pale.
  • I fear those pointing fingers and loud words.
  • Now I realized nothing is costlier than peace.
  • Grey shades of clouds are similar to the color of my heart.
  • Those were days when every day had a new beginning now nothing seems to have meaning.
  • My best companions are coldness, stiffness, and silence.
  • Loneliness unfolds the dark and deep thoughts.

Sad quotes are real expressions of feelings for love sad status

  • I want to be silent to listen to my thoughts.
  • My thoughts drift me far from reality.
  • I have no one to bring me back from dark abyssal.
    • It was during my search to find you I realized I was lost.
    • I was brave enough to live when death seemed to be much more comfortable.
  • I feel empty as I have lost the way to the world full of friends and family.
  • Sometimes sadness has no reason and no cure.
  • Those flying birds remind me of the fearless flights once I took to live life fully.
  • Sometimes the best way to express pain is to be quiet and isolate.

Sad love quotes that make you cry and quotes on sadness

  • Sadness brought an end to all my dreams and desires.
  • Childhood bruises could be healed with bandage now the broken heart has no healing.
  • Sadness comes like a storm sudden and devastating everything.
  • My room is my only companion in my sadness.
  • Nothing was wrong until you said goodbye.
  • Sadness has no boundaries. It can enter and exit anywhere at any time.
  • Sadness has pushed me into a desert of desolation.
  • Sadness is best experienced and expressed through silence.

Feeling sad quotes show sad love status in life

  • Your change brought the changes in me which turned me into a numb person.
  • My life has lost clarity, and so have I.
  • Sadness rests within me.
  • Loneliness reminds me everyone has a companion.
  • Sadness took away smiles.
  • Nothing lasts forever; hope my sorrows also.
  • Sadness is a silent turmoil.
  • My hands crave to hold hands and have a walk, and my ears want to listen let’s walk.

Final Thoughts:

True love remains the same throughout the ages and all over the eras what change is the way of expression. Latest sad love quotes understand this change in the expression of love. Therefore, they reflect the new ways of expressing love. The sad status helps youngsters to convey the feeling of love in the modern style. Sad images of love that correlate the way nature reflect the emotion of sadness.

Sad status which relate to the loneliness you have experienced while moving in life. Sad images on life which are the collection of precious memories you have shared with loved once. Sad love quotes about life and pain help to pullout sad thoughts from the mind.

Sad images with quotes that will help you to find yourself amidst the sorrows of life. Sad quotes about love and sad love images which are an echo to the silence that persists in your life. You can share these quotes with your friends for a sad status in English.

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