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112 Sad love quotes for a broken heart and breakup

Sad love quotes rekindled those memories that we tried hard to leave behind. So, be aware whom you choose to avoid disappointment in your life. These sad love quotes also throw some light on the nights spent in crying for the one who doesn’t even care for us and eventually the rash of those events end. Emotions are happy as well sad. Happiness and Sadness both have their way of communication, happiness makes the eyes glow, and sadness makes them dry, numb and gazing.

These sad love quotes is an expression given to the turmoil that rests within the heart disturbing the peace of mind and body. Love is a feeling that drenches your mind and body pain or betrayal in love tears away mind, body, and soul. Internal strength and willpower finish someone or something from outside is needed to tie you together so here are these quotes to rejoin you again.

Sad love quotes are an attempt to look back at the great times

sad love quotes girl in grass
  • It’s not the love which makes us sad but the people whom we love from the bottom of our heart.
  • Pain is the essence of love. But when that love is lost, there is only pain left for you.
  • After the breakup, two things are left behind. One is the memories, and the other one is the scars for the lifetime.
  • I loved you more than myself, believing that you loved me too.
  • You tear me apart like a piece of paper. No adhesive can fix my heart up.

Sad love quotes that make you cry are a way to heal

sad-love quotes get heart in love
    • I cannot pretend that I don’t love you,
    • Because I do and I will always do.
    • The only thing that bothers me is that
    • You’re gone too soon
  • Now, our meeting will always be possible only over the moon.
  • If you were not supposed to be with me forever, why did you even came in my life? I wish I had the same guts to walk away from you and let everything go as you did so quickly.
  • It’s challenging to walk alone when you had walked together with someone. The journey looks more difficult and the destination too far.

Sad love quotes show the pain that we kept inside our heart

sad love quotes feelings in garden
  • You’re the first person who loved me the most and again you are the first person who hurt me the most. Thank You for showing both sides of yours.
  • I cannot ignore you like you are ignoring me because I loved you with all of my heart and soul and it was not a free time activity for me.
  • I wish that one day you will realize that love is not a game and the heart of a lover is not a playground to play anytime you feel like doing so.

Sad love quotes make us shed a tear remembering good times

sad love quotes girl water flowers beauty
    • Today I was thinking of you,
    • Then I pinched myself,
    • And realized that you are not mine anymore.
    • My heart is bleeding with the pain you gave me,
    • You played with my heart
    • And you think you are smart.
    • Yes, you are smart and very well played.
    • But I still miss you with silent tears!
  • You are my favorite “hello,” but I’m your favorite “goodbye.” The feeling is mutual except the fact that realization is very different.

Sad love quotes are for people to go through the same stage twice

  • Life goes on, and the heartaches remain forever.
  • Your love was like a poison for my heart that is forcing me to die daily.
  • She loved him so much that she is not able to enjoy herself now because she has passed on all of her sweetness to him and her body is just injected with the poison gifted by him.
  • The deep cuts of love may heal, but scars don’t. Not at all!

Sad love quotes for him from the heart express the pain of separation

  • I always foresee you and me together, but I was not aware that it would be possible only in dreams.
  • To murder someone, you do not always need poison or knife; sometimes your words can do wonders.
    • No one will ever understand my heart breaking pain,
    • No one will ever realize that I am dying inside,
    • I’m dying because of the fear of Isolation, insecurities, and loss.
  • I am not lost because you left but because you let me go.

Sad love quotes for people who have gone from our life

    • I have learned so much till date,
    • But I don’t know which subject will teach me to live with you.
    • When I woke up today,
    • I cannot see anything properly,
    • I thought there is something wrong with my eyesight,
    • Then my inner-self makes me realize that
    • It’s not the fault of the eyes that my vision is not clear
    • . It is because of the ‘darkness’ in the life gifted by you.
  • Our love is made up of late arrivals and premature departures.

Sad love quotes protect from isolation by good times of the past

  • When one door locks, another door opens, but when one person is gone, you cannot get the same person as the former one. They may not live with us anymore, but they have a special place in our heart.
  • I am not lost because you left but because you let me go.
  • Everything happens for a reason. If we are not together anymore, it also has a, and the reason is you do not fall for me anymore.
  • If people have the guts to walk away from our lives, I wonder why memories cannot do the same.
  • I will never stop falling for you even if you fall for someone else.

Sad love quotes for him make us realize

    • Looking at the tattoo that I pierced on my arm,
    • I realized that you were meant to be there only.
    • I am so used to the pain and darkness in my life,
    • That I am always prepared about the unexpected exit of the people out of my life.
    • I was left alone by you when I needed you the most,
    • Well, it’s nothing new,
    • That’s how your love costs.

Sad love quotes for her remind us how much we love

  • I never knew love could do so much of damage and destruction in my heart.
  • Parting in love broke me completely.
  • Drifting away from you was the most challenging act I forced my heart to do.
  • Love life ends.
  • Life without your love is empty, vacant and meaningless.
  • Love can do wonders. It can make you or break you.
  • I fail to understand you broke me or the trust that I did on you.
  • I preferred to move on.
  • We were destined to meet and then move apart.
  • Before we could talk, you just walked.
  • It pains when a heart breaks.

Sad love quotes help to remove emptiness when love moves away

  • Love has limits. It may put barriers in your way.
  • The Victim of love seeks pleasure nowhere.
  • Pain in love is hard enough to shake your mind and break your heart.
  • Love gave him a wound which made him silent, quiet and desolate.
  • Love betrayals take away breaths.
  • I never knew I would remember you like a prayer, chanted by me morning evening every time.
  • Parting from you took away smiles from my lips, the color of my cheeks and spark of my eyes.
  • Shades of life came to an end when love moved away from my experience.

Sad love quotes bring out unfortunate experiences with love

  • Love has a beautiful beginning which may encounter a terrible end.
  • Love has the power to make you, and sometimes also destroy you.
  • Should I forgive you or forget you?
  • You win, and I lose, you played love like a game, and I lived it like a life.
  • Those smiles of you still wake me up.
  • The world is resting in peace, while my heart is broken in a piece.
  • You never taught me how to walk alone as you were always along.
  • I remembered loving you was not easy but now I found out living without you is more difficult.

Best sad love quotes give some support to broken hearts

  • Thoughts come and go, but my belief is firm you will enter this time never to go.
  • After you, I have new companions, your memories.
  • You moved on like a wave, charming and lovely. I am still standing like a rock desolate and lonely.
  • Memories are the gift of love to me.
  • Love never promised me a happy life, and I was fool enough to expect it.
  • Love gives the wounds which can only be healed by love.
  • Love tears you apart when soul mate moves apart.
  • I watched you going till the last bend of the road, and then tears rolled.

Sad love quotes that personify the pain that love sometimes gives

  • My love for you was quite pure and right, but somehow it could not reach up to you.
  • I still walk along those roads, stop at those tea stalls hoping you may be waiting somewhere at those lovely spots.
  • Incomplete love stories keep you wondering about the ends.
  • Everlasting wait in my eyes keeps me alive.
  • Love promises are not broken, they fail to be fulfilled.
  • Love once was my strength but now my mistake.
  • I long for those peaceful nights, and relaxing days your true love gifted me once.

Sad love quotes that express the loneliness created in one’s life

  • Betrayals in Love leave the scars which are never healed and recovered.
  • Let there be sunshine which helps me to overthrow the darkness which love gave me.
  • Nothing has moved on in my life except you.
  • After you left, everything became still.
  • Like trees shed leaves I shed tears.
  • Autumn entered my life ever since you moved apart.
  • You were the only reason I lived for.
  • When you said goodbye, I realized I had lost the battle of life.
  • Those last words still haunt my ears.

Lovely sad love quotes give an outlet to sorrows in words

  • You moved away leaving my life and painting both incomplete.
  • You focused on one reason to move on and ignored many to stay back.
  • Love has dark sides as well.
  • Love may cost your smiles, happiness, and contentment.
  • A heart is a brittle organ handle it with care.
  • Love is merciless.
  • I loved you wholeheartedly before and even now after my heart has been broken into pieces.
  • Your absence causes that soft pain which goes on and on.
  • Love gives great joy and heaviest pain.

Sad love situations that make you wonder about the nature of love

  • Your separation made me realize the depth of love.
  • You were the only one loved by me and you are the only one to move away.
  • Do love hurt equally at both sides?
  • You unlocked the door of my heart, filled it with memories and walked away leaving it open for time to ruin it.
  • My lips forgot to smile after that last loud laugh with you.
  • My heart began loving you now it does not know how to stop.
  • I wish love could find reasons before happening.
  • The Flower of my love was plucked, and my garden of life was ruined.

Sad quotes about love for people going through the pain of heartbreak

  • I am not cold I have been torn apart by feeling called Love.
  • Eyes full of tears, still gaze at the gate.
  • As love makes me believe he will come, maybe a bit late.
  • Love almost killed me by taking away you from me.
  • Love gives you pain, and it leaves you in vain.
  • You are always there in that one corner of my heart.
  • Your memories follow no timetable. They just flashback at any time, anywhere, and at any moment.
  • Love breaks your heart which tears you apart.
  • Incomplete Love stories await their ends.
  • Those precious moments were the best part of my life when I had a thousand problems and one solution talking them out with you.

Final Thoughts:

Life is a blend of happiness and sadness so is Love it sometimes opens the world of joy and sometimes leaves you broken and bruised. Sad love quotes will assist to avoid separation by giving us remember significant times of the happenings. Whatever be the consequence we do not stop living and loving although we learn a lesson from our experiences and faults.

Sad love quotes will not let you drown in oceans of despair and loneliness they will help you to think about the reasons for your sadness and try to help them to resolve them or forget them whichever suits the best for getting your happiness back on your lips.

They will not allow tears you stay in your eyes for long. Heart touching sad love quotes will help to show the sadness of love. A broken heart is hard to mend. Sad love quotes that will plainly express the pain of your broken heart while supporting you in getting comfortable

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