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Life quotes which tell relations and experiences can do in our lives

These quotes relate to the past stories which when remembered either fill eyes with tears or bring that sweet smile on our lips. At the same time quotes motivate us to keep moving on and create histories which set an example for others to continue the move in life no matter how many hardships stand in your way trying to tear you apart. Life quotes framed in a manner that you value each moment of your life.

These quotes try to restore the different moods we have lived some were happy, some sad, but we kept on moving as life wanted us to do. They are the gateways into the world of feelings and emotions you can pick the quote which relates to you. They are the collections which are as valuable as the relationships for which you want to use these life quotes.

Its human nature, the desire to chase things in life is at a peak. Still, people make wrong choices in things they want. A lot of life quotes help us to make the right decisions in life. We strive for unnecessary things, as we believe this will solve all our problems. Power never really exist in the traditional sense. It's an illusion. Similarly, these quotes teach us to stop living for others and start living for ourselves.

Life quotes motivate to continue the struggle for life

  • Life smile back at you every time you defeat your weakness and stand for the next challenge.
  • Life sometimes leaves me and cold numb.
  • Life gave me reasons to laugh loud and sometimes made me sit under a tree and cry.
  • My life may not be an inspiration, but it does have stories worth listening.
  • Life should never be measured by the success but by the times when you fought failures.
  • Life was not very pleasant to me that I always smiled at it. I just knew the art of reducing pains through smiles.
  • Life rarely matches the plans you have set for it.
  • It is your life. It should have everything according to your choice and preference.
  • Life is simple, yet it takes ages to understand its simplicity.
  • You won the battle of life when you were born now there is no defeat for you.

Life quotes cherish strengths which kept you moving in hard times

  • Life has a message for everyone. Open the envelope and read it.
  • Life is an adventure in which friends and family are your safety measures.
  • Life every day gives a new dimension to your thoughts and dreams.
  • Life smiles at you only if you know the talent of holding your tears.
  • Like ocean silence of life is time and again disturbed by the waves of worries and tensions.
  • The journey of life is to be traveled. You can choose the companion with whom you will share the path.
  • Life rarely matches the plans you have set for it.
  • Life is a bouquet of thorny flowers.
  • Life sometimes puts you under the pressure of meeting the expectations of others. In that situation, try satisfying yourself first.
  • Life allows you to become the legend, which is remembered even after life finishes.

Life quotes to replenish the spirit to live life to the fullest

  • Life is sometimes warm like the sun and cold like snow.
  • Life will never give the reason to smile; you will have to create and find.
  • Let your life be bright enough to enlighten the path of others.
  • Life is a package of pains and pleasures.
  • Life needs moments that reenergize you for the victory over new challenges.
  • Whatever be the goal in life actions to achieve it should be fair and diligent.
  • You should always be grateful to the mother who gave you life and to the others who made your life worth living.
  • Life opens so many options choose the one that will do good not only to you but to humanity and the world.
  • Life will show you ups and downs. It is your strength that will make you withstand the downfall to rise again.
  • Life allows you to create stories which will keep you alive even after life ends.

Life quotes revive your energies and help you regain the strength

  • The life lived with love all around is best lived.
  • Life does show a tough time to double the pleasure after you have crossed it.
  • Life is all about making relations and living them by heart.
  • We all may not be privileged to have a Love story, but we all do have a Life story.
  • Life is a dream for many who have lived it but want to live it once more.
  • Life sometimes increases the distance so much that moving back makes you lost.
  • Life teaches you to be responsible when it put you at the center of everything.
  • Life may not fit into the plans you have made for it. It may demand changes be ready to welcome those changes with an open heart.
  • Life needs no external sources of happiness and pleasure. You are born with these treasures, explore them deep within.
  • Life is what you make of it.

Life quotes tell the magic love and relations can do in our lives

  • Life is far from hatred and jealousy. It has a message of love and peace for all.
  • Life needs nothing more than a heart who listens to your mind, body, soul, and spirit.
  • Life demands compromises and adjustment from everyone. It is just that some people have the talent of turning them into pleasures and happiness.
  • Life will make you reach the destination depending on the paths you choose.
  • Life and Death are not opposites, but two ends. Life is the beginning point and Death last point.
  • Life has serious notes as well as happy ones. The choice is yours to play which one. You can even develop the talent of playing serious notes with comfortable keys.
  • Life will always whisper I want to live. Have a soft ear to hear it.
  • Life defeats when you fail to listen to the inner voice of the soul.
  • Life once gone will not come back to give you another chance. Make the fullest of every opportunity you get.
  • Life promised me nothing. It was my expectation, which made me demanding.

Life status make you feel you are best fighting and struggling

  • Every shade of life is worth to be lived and loved.
  • Life comes with a mixed pack of smile and sorrows.
  • It is not necessary to take responsibility for everything that happens in life. Sometimes we need to understand what destiny wants from us.
  • Life is a gift of God to be unwrapped with love and care.
  • Life becomes easy to live when you have friends to share its stories.
  • Life keeps on walking. It will not wait even if you are tired, therefore inculcate the talent of moving through all odds and situations.
  • Little smiles make a big difference in life.
  • My heart rules my life and relations. My brain is busy with numbers and figures.
  • Life is about creating an impact on the heart of others.
  • Life brings you onto the new step every day. It makes you believe in yourself and transform everything around into an opportunity.

Life quotes motivating you to smile through the tough times

  • The life lived by mind will make you calculative, and the one lived by heart will make you rejoice the moments.
  • Life was difficult until I turned out tough on it.
  • Life has no messages except one live life and love what you live.
  • Life helps you to know yourself. It is a mirror reflecting your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Life allows everything to pass by. Learn the same talent from it to feel light and happy.
  • Life is a rainbow which has shades more than seven.
  • Look back in your life to feel the time has wings. It just flies.
  • Life should have more love, care, understanding, and happiness, leaving no space for negativity to come in.
  • Life brings on different challenges to different people. It is smart enough to present each one of us according to the hidden talents we all have to fight those challenges.
  • Be patient enough to wait for the justice of life.

Life status narrating you the art of living life

  • Life will give you opportunities to explore how to live it.
  • Life is not a matter of spending years together. It is a matter of living moments together.
  • Best way to live life is to except nothing and accept what it brings to you.
  • Life sometimes becomes easy by acceptance.
  • Life gives as well take away the precious moments, people, and gifts.
  • Life puts you through many tests to make you shine.
  • Life if makes you fall. It will give you the reason to stand as well.
  • Life is not about being correct all the time. It is about learning from the faults.
  • Life is all made up of memories of the moments we have lived and dreams for the moments we want to live.
  • Life will change; you should have the motivation to do so.

Life quotes to help you value the moments of happiness you spent

  • Life is a mosaic of all the shades that reflect happiness, sadness, love, care, understanding, and all kind of emotions.
  • Life when takes away your loved ones. It enriches you with many more lovely relations. Keep your heart open to welcome them and the warmth they will bring in your life.
  • Life teaches lessons to everyone. Good students learn them and do not commit the mistakes bad students keep on repeating the same faults.
  • Life is a journey you start with no experience. It automatically adds to the tour.
  • Nature itself gives so many reasons to live life.
  • Nature-nurture life in a best possible manner.
  • Life gives you a choice to choose your role. You want to rule or get ruled.
  • Life is the stage for every action to happen on it.
  • Give your best on the stage of life before the curtains fall.
  • Be that perfect actor in the drama of life that hears the applaud while he is acting not after his acting is over.

Life status make you value every moment of life you have lived

  • The life lived should be such that it brings smiles on your lips as well on the lips of the person listening to your life story when you look back.
  • Life has no measuring device, but yes, your strengths and smiles measure the courage with which you lived life.
  • Life should have the maximum number of moments when your teeth are out than your tears.
  • Life is listening to the life stories of elder ones and narrating your life stories to younger ones.
  • Life is a blessing which most people fail to live and enjoy.
  • Life every day teaches you something new.
  • Life leaves you with a choice of living it like a victim of circumstances or like King of situations.
  • Life also surrenders when the motivation within you is strong enough to live.
  • The real beauty of life is in nature. It has its ways of sustaining different life forms.

Life quotes help you smile more by making you realize happiness

  • Life is all about the present moment. Each moment is to be lived and loved.
  • Life cherishes you with gifts of love, friendship, and relations.
  • Life is not easy, but it is not that difficult we think of bringing it to an end.
  • Life is not about loss and profit. It is about taking the risk and challenges.
  • Life leaves an impact when lived with courage and strength.
  • Keep the child alive in your heart to enjoy the moments of life.
  • Life is a jewel, which is to be treasured and valued.
  • Life has bent. You should be flexible enough to turn as it wants.
  • Life plays a fair game, and we are foolish enough to consider ourselves smart players.

Life status to enthrall your heart and make you relaxed

  • Life is tasteless. We add sweetness or salt to it as per our taste.
  • Nature has given life, and it guards it throughout the journey.
  • To add beauty to your life gathers more smiles around you.
  • To live life to the fullest live every moment to its best.
  • Worries are part of life. They will go away, give them some time to move, and with your smiles, push them away.
  • Life is all about balancing yourself when nothing is balanced.
  • Life does ask you to make compromises, but it does appreciate the same by giving back love and relations to you.
  • In life sometimes float in water, fly in the air, walk on the land and experience the heart beating faster.
  • The shining sun motivates to shine in life regardless of all the clouds of worries and sadness.
  • The only way to live a happy life is to laugh loud, fight the tears, find a goal, and then direct all your energy to fulfill it.

Life quotes to motivate you when clouds are trying to overcast

  • Life will never be easy to live if you compare it with others. It will become more difficult and unsatisfactory.
  • Appreciate what life has given you and teach the talent of same to others.
  • Do not make compromises so early with life try to negotiate before settling down.
  • Life is about walking and enjoying the long roads, which lead us to our destinations.
  • A life lived should be beautiful enough that you want to re-live.
  • Add quality to your life by adding on to the ethics and morals of life.
  • Life will bring all the seasons in your life. Autumn will teach you the value of spring.
  • Sometimes a single cup of coffee is all the life wants.
  • The magical moments in life are when you are about to quit, and you end up starting it all over again.
  • No one can bring the change in your life until you want to change it.

Final Thoughts:

Life status to keep the spirit up. Society many times demoralizes our strength and power to stand up against all the odds. These quotes are framed to keep that never dying spirit alive and inspire the readers to keep moving and enjoying life.

Here are life status that will help you to express the beautiful feelings about celebrations for all those lovely people which make your family or are your friends. The quotes will help you to convey love in life. They are the collections which will help you to make your presence and wishes for the person unique and special.

The lessons these quotes on life teach us is that we need not pretend to be someone else. You are yourself responsible for the quality of your life. Make your decisions wisely. We get to learn a lot of life lessons from these quotes.

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