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Happy Birthday wishes express your importance to loved ones

Birthday is a day which has special meaning for the person and the loved ones related to the person. It is the day which allows the relatives, family, and friends to express the love they cherish for the person. Happy birthday wishes are a feeling that our loved ones need our presence rather than presents and we should always spare time for them at least on their special day.

Birthday quotes with gift and smile will make a special place in the heart of birthday person. Happy birthday wishes to express the good memories we have with our loved ones and allowed us to greet them for being a part of our life. We want to celebrate this special day in the presence of all loved ones and make your wishes unique in a very personal way to delight your family, friends and loved ones. They communicate the love and care to the person in a unique manner.

These happy birthday wishes will bring an everlasting smile on face and spark in the eyes of a person. Happiness has no laughter, fun, and color without friends. In friendship, nothing is formal although the feelings, love, and concern are real and honest. They will wide open the gateways of laughter and enjoyment on the day of celebrations of Birthday of your friend.

Happy birthday wishes to wish our loved ones heartily

Happy birthday wishes to wish our loved ones
  • Blessings are the most precious gift that I can shower on you.
  • It is your day. Celebrate it your way.
  • Birthday wishes are warm blessings.
  • May your birthday bring you a wonderful year ahead.
  • May God shower his choicest treasures, which bring all kind of pleasures.
  • Let balloons burst loud enough to celebrate birthday blast.
  • As you move ahead in life may you be blessed with prosperity, health, and happiness.
  • Each day of your life is as bright as the sun and night as peaceful as a serene moon.
  • Don’t put a number on your age, count on the friends and relatives that surround you on this special day.

Happy birthday images are loud enough to rock the gift

Happy birthday wishes are enough to rock the gift
  • Be blessed with the wishes that encircle you with positivity and protect you against all.
  • It is that very fantastic day on which a mother got a loving son, father a caring one and brother a lovely companion.
  • May the year ahead be full of pleasant surprises and high achievements.
  • Birthdays are not for counting years they are meant for celebrating youth with an increased sense of maturity every year.
  • Birthday blasts bring those beautiful smiles and loud cheers.
  • Let this birthday be one of a kind, with a special celebration.

Happy Birthday wishes uniquely express true feelings

  • Birthday is a day for chocolates, cakes, gifts, music, and fun.
  • Birthday makes me queen for the day.
  • Birthday comes with a stamp approving going wild.
  • Best birthdays could be anywhere, with friends and family.
  • Time flies rapidly enjoy your birthday wildly.
  • On my birthday there is only one rule that there is no rule at all.
  • Birthday begins early morning and ends the late night or sometime maybe next morning as well with a tag of Happy Belated Birthday.

Happy birthday quotes are funny and touchy

    • Another new year awaits you.
    • May you live it with all fun and frolic.
    • You owe this day.
    • So live it your way.
  • That one day when all your loved ones let their lovely feelings and blessings come your way. It's your birthday.
    • Live it, love it, have a blast, rock the floor let everyone say Once more.
    • May your birthday be full of endless joys, loving memories, and warm blessings.
    • Come, let’s dance as today is the chance to rock n roll and burn the floor.
    • Birthday time, time for cake, candies, candles, and companions.

Happy birthday images for people who add happiness in life

Happy birthday wishes to add happiness in life
    • Let love makes its way,
    • Friends and family shout and say,
    • Happy Birthday.
    • Everlasting smiles always rest on your lips,
    • Love withholds you in arms
    • Holding hands you move on welcoming many more years. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday is a day when your choice becomes others voice.
  • Birthday time means non-stop fun.
  • A person who makes the home most happening place to live in was born today.
  • May you triumph all the challenges life throw on to you as you did the day you were born.

Happy birthday quotes convey the messages of friendship

  • My gift to you cannot be better than the one I have got in the form of you.
  • Childhood memories, youthful stories, middle age maturity, old age beauty is what we cherish together. Thanks for those lovely years. Happy Birthday, friend.
  • This year I thought of not putting candles on the cake. They only do the work of revealing my age. You should start doing the same now.
  • Birthday is a big reason to take off from office be it mine or of my best friends.
  • Birthday parties begin in the evening and ends when neighbors complain.
  • I hope you get many sweets to eat and sweet memories to cherish.

Happy Birthday wishes embrace the beauty of your relations

    • Unique people are born on special days,
    • They peculiarly celebrated their birthday,
    • Skipping three years, it is in the fourth year you say, Happy Birthday.
  • It is your birthday today. That's why I have to say that you are better than the rest.
  • There is a cake party today. Everyone should carry at least one to have entry to the party.
  • On this day, I wish you make a new start as you begin a new year of life.

Expressive and heart touching funny happy birthday for dear ones

  • Magic wishes are coming your way on this joyous occasion of your Birthday, my dearest one.
    • Your heart is big enough then the cake you are going to cut,
    • your smiles are brighter than the candles on the cake and,
    • you are much more precious than the gifts you receive.
    • Happy Birthday.
    • May the day be loaded with love, happiness, comfort, and pleasures.
    • May the sweetness of cake lasts forever on your tongue, may those enlightened candles always lit your path, you fly high like those beautiful balloons and each day of your life be full of celebrations as your Birthday.

Happy Birthday wishes are expressions of love and emotions

  • It was this day that was chosen by God, to send you on earth and you proved his decision to be right by making the life of all around you worth.
  • Birthday is time to celebrate, cheer and add colours.
  • Birthday is a day when every relation encloses what you mean to them.
  • The Birthday party is a success when music is loud, friends, are crazy and the party is endless.
  • I wish you shine like a star, bloom like a flower and be happy like a skylark.

Funny happy birthday shows happiness for someone important

  • Birthdays are the time when waves of laughter are loud, friends are fun masters, and enjoyment is everlasting.
  • Your birthday is as important as you.
  • Hope you always remain surrounded by those beautiful people, gifts, and wishes that are coming your way to celebrate your Birthday.
  • I wish all your sensible wishes come true and wildest ones get the ignorance of God.
  • May all the treasures of life are opened to you making you rich in health prosperity success and happiness.
  • I’m glad that you were born so as I can piss you off every day and even on your Birthday my dear sister.

Happy birthday wishes are a way of sending messages to loved ones

  • Count your birthdays by the memories you have with your loved ones. Age doesn’t matter at all.
  • Let all of your dreams come true and may you finally realize that you’re one year older now. Wish you the best of everything my friend.
  • Happy Birthday to one of the craziest friends of mine..! I’m aware that you are lucky enough to have me in your life.
  • Today is the day to thank you, my dear friend, for always being with me even when I completely irritated you. You are the best and Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Funny happy birthday let us dwell into the good memories

  • Thanks for being a wonderful friend to me. I am fortunate to have you and celebrate this important day of life with you.
  • Meeting you is the best thing which has ever happened to me. But you know, growing old with you is the second best one. Happy Birthday my dear Birth date twin.
  • My secret to happiness is ‘You’ as if I feel like you’re born for me. Happy Birthday, Love!

Happy birthday wishes to express feelings impressively

  • I care about you. You are getting one year older today. I want to celebrate this day so that you don't feel bad about it or shall I say so that you don't feel bad that you are getting old. :p
  • As you’re starting New Year of our life, I wish you fresh moments, a healthy start of the day followed by a great fun in the evening!
  • Happy birthday to an extraordinary friend of mine. Yes, you are remarkable as I have chosen you over 7 billion people in the world. Now, feel fabulous too.

Happy birthday friend helps to discover the importance of friends

  • Behind every great sibling, there is a mastermind young sister. Happy Birthday my champ.
  • Are you aware that you are rare? Let’s make your birthday of a similar kind. Yeah, it’s party time.
  • It’s time to blow some candles and eat yummy cakes because it’s my best buddy’s birthday. Let’s take out some time to wish him along with me.
  • On your 25th birthday, I’m sending you unconditional love and acceptance from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday, dearest friend. Loads of Hugs!

Happy birthday wishes to help us to cherish all the happy moments

  • It’s a day to start fresh. Wake Up, dear friend. It’s your Happy Birthday.
  • It’s been a long time since you enjoyed being young. Welcome to 20’s category my dear lovely brother. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Dear Mom, as you are one year older today, you may start feeling that you are old now and I am getting older too. But let me remind you that I am still your baby and you will always be my “Loving Mommy.”

Happy birthday beautiful help to let our loved ones feel special

    • I know that I’m the last one to wish you on your special day,
    • And I’ll not apologize for it
    • Because you should also know that I’m the first one to love you unconditionally.
    • Hoping that you had a great day today,
    • I am sending you virtual warm hugs so as you can sleep better.
  • The best way to remember someone’s birthday is to forget it once. Then enjoy the mess that gets build up. Next time you’ll start planning one month prior.

Happy birthday wishes are feelings from the bottom of our hearts

  • Here’s your birthday cake beautiful. I hope you admire it the way you love me. Happy birthday my lovely angel.
  • A birthday cake is like an emblem of childhood, and that’s how we celebrate us being kids every year.
  • I love coffee, beaches, stars, the moon, nights and of course birthday cake, candles and gifts on my birthday.
  • You are as special to me as you were during the other three hundred and sixty-four days of life. Happy Birthday my dear papa..!

Happy birthday beautiful to spare time on their special day

  • I don’t like fun parties and playing games on my birthday because it should be a relaxed day in our life and we should spend it doing all the crazy things like a ’baby.’
  • Only one candle on such a ‘big cake’ looks great.
  • My son is one year older now. I am enjoying my motherhood period, wishing my son, great years ahead.
  • I wish you the beginning of another fantastic year for you. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday beautiful is a way to portray your sentiments

  • I am sending you warm wishes on your birthday my dear friend. I am richly blessed to have you in my life because you are worth a diamond to me.
  • You have always offered me your hand in both good and bad times. I owe you so much. Today, on your birthday I am sending you good wishes to repay a few.
  • Today is a day of celebration, to blow some candles and cut the cakes because it’s your birthday my dear darling friend.
  • It’s hard for me to utter the words, so I’m sending you a birthday wish in writing. Happy Birthday my dear friend.

Final Thoughts:

Happy Birthday quotes will make the day unique for the birthday person. These quotes will tell the person what you feel for him in simple words. These quotes will make the person to preserve your birthday card forever in his heart and drawer as these will make a mark in his heart and space for you in his eyes.

The funny happy birthday is for a best friend to tell her how fun multiplies when she is along. These quotes have the element of fun and enjoyment as a tribute to your friend for all the pleasure she adds to your life and friendship. These quotes relate to the funny moments you spent together with your friends.

Friends are the one who makes tough and rough situations light making you smile and laugh aloud. These quotes will fill in the life of the birthday person with the treasure of purity and truthfulness. Happy birthday beautiful which will reduce all distances between you and her and make you close and related to each other.

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