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Funny Quotes to enjoy the funny side of life

To enjoy the true meaning of life, you must be able to see the hilarious side of life which keeps us going. There is so much humor in the world; it is just that you need to discover it.

The difficulties and trouble in life keep on looming in one or other horizon as life can be sometimes nasty. In such a scenario, humor is what keeps us going apart from the hope and motivation that we have stored inside.

Such a perspective will help you to bear unpleasant situations in life with positivity and will prevent you from giving up.

Funny Quotes help us to get rid of the tough situations in life positively

  • When life gives you chilies, make Maggi and enjoy it till you feel like crying.
  • Accept yourself before accepting a proposal from a weird guy because you are more annoying than any other person in this world.
  • Don't worry if you got failed in exams because it is your right to let go of the things that are not long lasting.
  • Do not get become more serious except you got admitted in an ICU.
  • Always look forward, because if you look back, you will have to see bums only.

Funny Quotes change our perspective towards life and let us enjoy every moment that comes our way

  • Life is all about squirting; lemons in the eyes of those who gave them to you.
  • If your friends are in problem, don’t panic but laugh at them because they will laugh too and will forget what the problem is!
  • The employers are like a baby. They will scream and wake you up each hour of your tenure of work with them.
  • If you want to go to heaven, get good marks in maths.
  • The best ingredient for all the fights is the salt. It works well in all the situations.

Funny Quotes let us enjoy as well as feel the messy person inside us

  • While going to a party, do not worry about your hairstyle because you can go without hair as well. There is no such restriction in any pub, bar or restaurant.
  • Do not become too passionate in the morning. Otherwise, too much pressure will lead to a stinky toilet.
  • I will be supernormal even after getting drunk, but you will be ugly as always.
  • Are you going through indigestion? If yes, you must be dealing with ugly truths.
  • If you cannot love yourself, you definitely cannot laugh your pee out.

Funny Quotes are a way to believe in the magic created by life

  • Hope for the best but always be ready for the mess.
  • Nothing sounds interesting when there is the only principle, but interest is missing.
  • When you feel like a big wind crossed your way, close your eyes and say sorry to God for all the sins you have ever committed. Maybe it is the storm that will take you along for a walk in the hell.
  • You must pay for your lies. If you have already paid, go ahead!
  • If your teddy bears hugs you back at night, wish you horror night.

Funny quotes let us smile even through the dullest days of our life

  • You will never get paid because you have hands. They mean nothing if you do not use them. So, get up from the bread and brush your teeth daily.
  • Time does not wait for anyone. So does the tides. It gives you a clue to never walk by the beach.
  • Be careful regarding vitamins in your body and give extra care to Vitamin Sea. It is the most important one.
  • Age is just like a number as the size of your waist.
  • Some people need hello on their face.

Funny Quotes are a way to stare at the present and do not let go of the current moments by portraying them as the one time opportunity to grab them

  • If someone asks you are you free? Proudly reply that you are not free but expensive. They don't have enough money to afford you.
  • Never expect cleanliness from the people around you because they are born to spill food anyway.
  • You cannot prove your love by the number of gifts but definitely by the amount of vulgarness.
  • The birthday is a matter of every year not a single year. But don't starve, eat your food till then.

Funny Quotes are a way to feel in your heart out and giving no fuck to the criticism that comes your way

  • People are assholes. Never feel bad and eat their talks like a cupcake.
  • If you have a girlfriend, you are suitable for any job role because if you are capable enough to handle a girl, you can manage customers well. You need to treat them like your girlfriend.
  • If yoga is to relief your mind and then coffee is a stress buster for your nerves. As nerves are reference map of your brain, drink coffee.
  • Do not think much otherwise you'll lose that 2% of your brain too.

Funny Quotes give us amazing entertainment time so as we forget about all the unpleasant moments in our life

  • If you got hurt because someone doesn’t value you, just high five on their face; it is the best answer to them.
  • Enjoy as much as you can but can you pee as much as you can?
  • I like to be kissed all at once just like people want to pee.
  • If you want to test your husband’s patience level, just let him sit at a place where there is a low internet connection.
  • It is not about kismat Connection but about internet connection that keeps us going for long.

Funny Quotes make us look back and enjoy the little things in life

  • If you want to enjoy life, then dare to eat coffee with an ice-cream. It's hot or cold decide later.
  • If you ever felt suffocated in life, and it is still disturbing you. Don't feel tensed because it was just because of bad breath of the people that put you in that situation.
  • You cannot afford to be my friend if you are not weird enough to roam around 3 am and sleep by 7 am in the morning. It is fun man!
  • They are good for nothing but neither you are! Feel proud.

Funny Quotes give us the right words to celebrate the true meaning of friendship

  • True friendship is made up of weirdness, sarcasm, and alcohol.
  • Best friends are those who talk about poop and not the sex.
  • The three magical words my friends usually told me are: What about lunch?
  • Napping with your best friends gives more warmth than cuddling with your boyfriend.
  • You can afford to be stupid only with your best buddies. Everybody else is a time pass person.
  • Friends are slightly cracked but good eggs. They will stand by you in all the situations. Be it when you are roasted, grilled or chilled.

Funny Quotes can be remarkably helpful to piss off your friends and show how much they mean to you

  • Your face is dirty is the best compliment from a best friend.
  • If you can fart without any hesitation, it has proved that your friends fart too.
  • Best friends are always ready to make fun of our girlfriends and boyfriends because they knew if they don't, you will forget them.
  • If you laugh funnier than the joke uttered by your friend, you are a damn freaking friend.
  • The difference between friends and best friends is the size of your giggle. The harder it is, the deeper is your friendship.

Funny Quotes end up making us feel warm during coldest nights as well

  • The germs which cannot be killed by hand wash are known as friends.
  • If you are feeling bad during the night, call your best friend he/she must be having the ability to make you feel worst.
  • You need not water your friendship daily; an hour of abuse is enough as a daily dose.
  • It is ok to feel bad sometimes because it is just the first form of degree. Other two are in line to come your way.
  • People with the same mental disorder are usually known as friends.
  • Being average is an old saying. Be Savage.

Funny Quotes give meaning to meaningless situations in life

  • Sure, I will participate in outdoor activities but on Netflix as you didn't mention whether the attendance will be marked indoor or outdoor.
  • Gravity is the answer to my stuff lying on the floor. Now go ahead.
  • When nothing works well, go unwell.
  • I run a lot. That's why I often got ran out of money.
  • Never afraid of where you are going unless it is a graveyard.
  • It is true that love is in the air. So do not pollute it with your farts, please.
  • Karma slaps those who cannot beat themselves.

Funny Quotes give us positive energy to beat the bad vibes

  • Turn left if the road to the right side doesn't work well for you. You'll reach your destination anyhow.
  • Our heart beats for the one we love. For me, it is the food.
  • The best therapy in life is the laughter, only when you have teeth because old age demands physiotherapy, not laughter therapy.
  • The birthday is a matter of every year not a single year. But don't starve, eat your food till then.

Funny Quotes with real deep meanings

  • Even if you are a messy person, your friends will accept you because they are ugly.
  • In friendship, vulgarness is more important than happiness.
  • Do not worry about a woman's mind. It is sexier than her body.
  • Can you keep your house warm? Yes, I'll put it on fire.
  • Life is like understanding income tax where your focus on income makes tax complex.
  • Never expect a girl to get ready in two minutes because she is not Maggi.
  • Future is just like an accident. It is always uncertain and sometimes dangerous too. Never worry about it and go with the flow.

Funny quotes make the most sense

  • Drinking more water is good for health but not for your washroom. Take care of non-living beings as well.
  • Guys often say change is painful and success is painful. Do you have an idea about mensuration cycle?
  • I am mad because I got a chance to be with all the craziest people in the world and unfortunately they are my fucking friends.
  • Tell your friends that you want to die, they will give you suggestions regarding the methods to choose. It depicts the true essence of friendship.
  • The real deal in friendship is the cold nights, warm hugs and staying together for a long time until your friend farts.

Funny quotes to lighten up your life

  • Vitamin you are the most horrible deficiency. If you cannot be you, who else you can be except being the ghost.
  • If you are not able to punish the person who hurt you, karma will do the honor.
  • Dear people, trim your eyes as well because you are open eye blind creatures. You cannot see the net worth.
  • I am getting admitted into a mental hospital because there are people who are already there. They are my friends and cannot leave them. Well, they deserve to be there.

Final Thoughts:

The beauty of humor lies in your ability to see your life in a positive light. As all of us are aware, sometimes a positive remark or little fun can make a change in our lives and has the strength to change people’s mood that belongs to you.

The collection of the above quotes which are full of funny essence can make you feel like continuing and keep fighting for your dreams no matter how challenging the obstacles are! Show them that your vision is stronger than the hurdles that come your way. This planet has so much to give! One of them is Sarcasm. Grab it and enjoy it till the end of your life.

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